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Episode #03- Insurance Coverage Policies for Parking and Valet Companies with Kathy Phillips

In this episode of the Valet Parking Podcast, Alasdair is joined by Kathy Phillips of Alliant Insurance Services in Greater Los Angeles to discuss what valet and parking companies need to know about the different insurance coverage options. Kathy is the Senior Vice President for Alliant Insurance Services and has over 25 years of experience […]

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8 Insider Tips That Improve RFQ Responses

If you’re a parking services company owner, manager, or executive, you’re probably received many requests for proposals, quotes, and information from prospective customers. Otherwise known as RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs. But even if you’re already familiar with the process, there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we’re sharing some tips that can help you win […]

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9 Coronavirus Tools for Your Business

There’s a new normal. At the moment, there’s no vaccine for the novel coronavirus. So while some of us may be getting back to work, we definitely won’t be getting back to normal… yet.  Published by the White House in partnership with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the Opening Up America Again […]

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Peace of Mind: RFID-Blocking Protection for Your Customers

Gone are the days of opening your car door by inserting a key in a lock. Now you can pop open your trunk, open a door, or even start the car with a key fob. Keyless ignition systems come with fobs that transmit a unique low-frequency signal to a car’s computer system. The system then […]

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6 Ways to Cash in on Holiday Cheer

Gift shopping. Festive parties. Dinner celebrations. People are out and about more than ever during the holidays. That means big business for valet and parking services owners and marketers—if you have the right holiday campaign. You’ll want a merry yet memorable message that will attract new clients, keep existing customers loyal, and boost overall sales. […]

7 Reasons the NPA Is a Great Resource

Based in Washington, D.C., the National Parking Association is North America’s leading parking trade organization. The NPA provides training, certification, and access to the latest parking technology. Founded in 1951, it represents over 100,000 parking professionals in more than 2,500 commercial operations and public organizations. Here are just a few of the resources it offers […]

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Valet vs. Rideshare: We’re Betting on Valet

How Valet Can Take Back the Night, and Day Are Uber and Lyft driving down your profits? Well, you’re not alone. Industry giant Ace Parking told the San Diego Union-Tribune that, in the current battle of valet vs. rideshare, rideshare competitors are cutting into the parking business with as much as 50% less traffic at […]

Want to Boost Your Valet Business? Head to the Mall.

It’s no secret that old-school malls have been losing sales to online stores. But the good news, according to a new report from AT Kearney, is that the modern mall’s future looks bright! Ski While You Shop Forward-thinking shopping centers are viewing retail spaces in a new way. According to a recent Forbes article, that […]

Why healthcare needs valet services more than ever

Volume to Value Healthcare The healthcare industry is rapidly transitioning into value-based care (VBC) models that focus on outcomes rather than volume. More attention and budget are being spent on balanced care that treats and helps prevent illness while providing excellent patient experiences. In fact, in a Forbes article titled Top 8 Healthcare Predictions for […]

Restaurant Valet Parking Increases Revenue

Why Valet Parking Increases Restaurant Revenue

They have become a common sight in most large city’s, valets waiting outside restaurants ready to relieve you of your car, and that annoying problem of finding a parking space. There is a reason for this, not only does it attract more customers, valet parking increases restaurant revenue in several ways. As more and more […]