9 Coronavirus Tools for Your Business

Welcome Back World

There’s a new normal. At the moment, there’s no vaccine for the novel coronavirus. So while some of us may be getting back to work, we definitely won’t be getting back to normal… yet. 

Published by the White House in partnership with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the Opening Up America Again guidelines include requirements for all phases of reopening. Its guidelines advise employers to implement policies for social distancing and protective equipment, temperature checks, sanitation, use and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas, as well as business travel. It’s all very necessary—and overwhelming.

So we reviewed expert resources from the CDC, NPA (National Physician’s Alliance), OSHA, news articles, and blogs to create a list of equipment that valet and parking garage owners and operators can use to protect themselves and others while helping slow the spread of COVID-19.

Guideline: Contactless Transactions

According to the Southern Medical Journal, “paper money can reportedly carry more germs than a household toilet.” That’s especially troubling when the world is faced with a highly communicable virus. As a result, the previously slow adoption of paperless payments has been boosted by the pandemic. Many restaurants are staying in business and keeping their distance by allowing customers to pay online and pick up takeout orders curbside. Most are also designating specific pickup zones.

Equipment You’ll Need

Curbside signs

Let customers know you offer curbside pickup plus where to wait with informational and directional signage. Folding tables or custom curbside to-go counters are also a great idea for storing supplies and preventing extra trips into the restaurant or dining facility.

Point of Sale Systems

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication (NFC) enabled point of sale (POS) systems enable contactless payment. If the POS features touchpads that are easy to wipe down and sanitize, that’s a safety bonus.

Guideline: Keep it Clean

If there’s one thing we’ll all learn from this pandemic, it’s how to properly wash our hands. Using hand sanitizer and washing our hands with soap and water continue to be important methods for preventing the spread of the virus.

Equipment You’ll Need

Handwashing stations

Handwashing stations should include running water, soap, and paper towels. Portable handwashing stations can be set up where they’re needed to promote better hygiene and help customers and employees maintain their distance.

Hand-sanitizing stations

These freestanding, touchless kiosks allow people to quickly and easily clean their hands with sanitizers that don’t require water or rinsing. 

Single-use protective covers

Protective covers make frequently touched surfaces easier to clean. One-time use covers add a disposable layer of protection on occasions where the use of cleaning products is not available. These disposable covers will help keep employees and customers safe and give everyone peace of mind.

Guideline: Traffic control, temp checks and more 

With the new normal come a variety of new processes designed to keep everyone safe and slow the virus’s spread. These include managing traffic, face masks, temperature checks in entryways, and of course, social distancing. 

Equipment You’ll Need


Delineators and stickers take the guesswork out of physical distancing. They also encourage staff and customers to maintain 6 feet of separation while reassuring them that others are doing the same.


Setting up checkpoints at entryways is key to traffic control. Security podiums provide a visible post where staff can remind visitors to wear masks, check temperatures, or limit the number of people entering the building. They also offer storage space for infrared thermometers, masks, disinfectants, and other crucial supplies.  

Sneeze guards

Acrylic countertop shields, also called sneeze guards, offer protection from harmful airborne germs when physical distancing isn’t available. Sneeze guards are especially important as businesses begin to reopen after COVID-19 closures. 

Stay Informed, Stay Safe

The A E International family of companies – including The Valet Spot – are dedicated to doing all we can to help our customers keep themselves, their staff, and the public safe. We hope this equipment list helps your employees and customers avoid infection and maintain good health. However since things change day-to-day, you should regularly check for updates on the Opening Up America Again guidelines website or with the CDC and other government agencies. Stay informed and safe! 

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