Love and Valets

Romcoms are a Hollywood mainstream, bringing together star-crossed lovers from all walks of life. So it’s about time one stars a valet! 

Hulu and Disney+ Star Original are partnering to remake Francis Veber’s French hit The Valet. The film follows Olivia (Samara Weaving), a movie star who convinces Antonio (Eugenio Derbez) , a parking valet, to pose as her lover to cover for a relationship with a married man (Max Greenfield). It’s also a tale of comeuppance for a greedy billionaire industrialist. As one New York Times reviewer sums it up, “The rich are greedy, corrupt, insecure and scheming, and the valets of this world, personified by the sweet-natured François, have their feet on the ground and their values intact.” The multi-generational, multicultural comedy is slated for release in summer 2022. So, you’ve got plenty of time to plan a watch party for your valets and parking attendants. 

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