Simply Secure Valeting

We get it. You don’t need an Armageddon-proof valet podium. You simply want a stand that’s secure, sturdy and economical. In the words of one of our customers, you don’t need your valet keys “to survive a bomb”. 

Security Best Practices

However, before you can choose a secure podium, you need to consider security best practices.

Rules and Regulations

Make sure your parking or valet business abides by these NPA (National Parking Association) regulations.

  • Secure storage and handling of cash, keys, and vehicles
  • Safe employee work environment 
  • Strict policy of good employee driving habits 

Quality Employees

Always check applicant driving records and references. Once you’ve hired, provide appropriate training that covers the below topics.

  • Definition of safe driving habits
  • How to handle cash appropriately
  • How to maintain a safe working environment
  • How to report unsafe conditions to management

Insurance and Claims

We’ve touched on valet company insurance in detail before. But, here’s a quick recap. The National Parking Association requires general liability insurance (min. $5,000,000), garage keepers legal liability insurance (min. $1,000,000), and workmen’s compensation insurance (min. as required by state law). 

The NPA also requires having procedures in place for settling claims. This means hiring a trained claims adjuster and offering professional claim forms that customers can use at all your locations. You should also create written claim procedures that customers and employees can reference.

The Right Equipment

Now, let’s talk equipment. Here are some essential features for secure valeting.

  • Style & Size: Small, economical podiums are great for private parties and limited access areas at low risk for theft or tampering
  • Wood vs. Steel: Wooden podiums are ideal for matching a space’s style. But, they’re not as secure as reinforced steel options like our Custom Deluxe Podium 
  • Steel Gauge: The lower the gauge, the stronger the steel.  
  • Lock Upgrades: Find a lock that fits your podium door style

Meet our Heavy Duty Deluxe Podium

Ready to purchase a secure, economical valet stand? With a heavy-duty frame and advanced key security, our Heavy Duty Deluxe Podium has everything you need and more. Here’s a summary of its key security features. 

Heavy Duty Deluxe Podium Features
  • 9 gauge, heavy-duty sheet metal door 
  • 16 gauge, heavy-duty sheet metal (rest of podium)
  • Prybar defense plates
  • Locking security bar
  • Schlage door lock
  • Anchor loop

Ready to place your order? 

Simple, effective, economical valet security is just a call away!