How to Use Valet Signs Effectively

Whether you’re a valet company servicing hotels and restaurants or managing an in-house valet business, you need to make sure your signs effectively communicate with customers. Valet signs do this by drawing attention and directing customers. 

#1 Draw Attention

Valet parking signs branded with custom artwork attract attention and make a professional first impression. They also offer an opportunity to advertise your company logo or name. This helps visitors remember your brand so you’ll get more business later on. You can also use custom artwork to let customers know about upcoming events. 

Artwork Options

Here are some popular types of valet podium artwork that we offer at The Valet Spot.

  • Decals: Vinyl decals are an excellent option for simple logos or messaging. 
  • Wraps: Vinyl wraps are perfect for large, complex designs that require a specific background color.
  • Magnets: Fully removable, magnets won’t affect your podium’s background color.

#2 Educate Your Customers

When drivers approach your venue, there should be a valet stand sign directing them to the vehicle drop-off area. Delineator signs help direct customers to the right location. Valet podium signs can also alert customers to your liability contract or notices. Making sure clients clearly understand your policies may help you avoid future legal issues.

Signs That Boost Business

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Originally Published January 2013

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