Simply Secure Valeting

We get it. You don’t need an Armageddon-proof valet podium. You simply want a stand that’s secure, sturdy and economical. In the words of one of our customers, you don’t need your valet keys “to survive a bomb”.  Security Best Practices However, before you can choose a secure podium, you need to consider security best […]

The Art of the Stand (Part 1)

Transforming Your Podium into a Brand Beacon with Laminates Why Laminates? The reasons to choose laminates for your podium are similar to the reasons to choose them for other projects. Still, protecting laminates from extreme weather conditions is highly recommended. This can be done by positioning the podium in an entryway or under an overhang […]

How to Use Valet Signs Effectively

How to Use Valet Signs Effectively

Whether you’re a valet company servicing hotels and restaurants or managing an in-house valet business, you need to make sure your signs effectively communicate with customers. Valet signs do this by drawing attention and directing customers.  #1 Draw Attention Valet parking signs branded with custom artwork attract attention and make a professional first impression. They […]

April 2023 Price Increase

April 2023 Price Increase

Dear Valued Customer, Please be advised that there will be a general price increase taking effect on April 3, 2023. Prices will increase between 8-14%. Since 2020, The Valet Spot has seen a significant rise in the costs of materials and shipping that have affected the cost of supplying innovative, high-quality valet parking equipment to […]

March: Get Down to Business Resolutions

Work out more. See the world. Become a millionaire. January was the time to brainstorm your 2023 New Year’s resolutions. Now, however, is the time to get down to business. Business resolutions!  Get Into a Growth Mindset First and foremost, it’s time to think about how you’ll make this year the best yet. Your business […]

Smart & Simple Branding Tips

Starbucks is more than just coffee. It’s a brand that delivers an experience that’s echoed in every detail—from store decor to the logo on their coffee cups. Customers buy their brews with that experience in mind. And, your business is no different! With the right branding, it becomes far more than a garage or parking […]

Custom Hotel Parking Podium

The All-in-1 Hotel Parking Podium

Stylish. Versatile. Secure. Branded. Cost-Effective. Tired of time-consuming comparison shopping? You need a hotel parking podium that doesn’t offer just one of these features. You need a stand that has—and does—it all! But before we dig into product details, here’s a quick marketing tip for hospitality managers. And, the reason choosing the right podium is […]

Best Outdoor Podium

How to Pick the Best Outdoor Podium

Wondering how to choose the best outdoor podium? We can help with that! But first, let’s clarify a few basics. Valet podiums, otherwise known as outdoor podiums, are one of a kind. Here’s what we mean… Podiums That Aren’t Podiums People may refer to outdoor or valet podiums as podiums, lecterns or kiosks. But, they’re […]

Best upgrades of 2021

The Best of 2021: 4 Great Upgrades

It’s time to update your valet business for the new year—with four great upgrades we made just last year. Portable Power, Anywhere Today’s valet podium requires the latest tech. And tech needs power. So, last year we launched the Portable Power Station. This multi-port backup lithium battery can charge up to 9 devices at a […]

Love and Valets

Love and Valets

Romcoms are a Hollywood mainstream, bringing together star-crossed lovers from all walks of life. So it’s about time one stars a valet!  Hulu and Disney+ Star Original are partnering to remake Francis Veber’s French hit The Valet. The film follows Olivia (Samara Weaving), a movie star who convinces Antonio (Eugenio Derbez) , a parking valet, […]