Giving the Homeless a Good Night’s Sleep Is Good for Business

By The Valet SpotAugust 21, 2019

Doing Good Is Good for Business: Safe Parking for Homeless There’s nothing wrong if the way you give back is also tied to your business. So, there’s no reason to feel guilty about it. We’re talking about cause marketing. It refers to a type of program in which a for-profit company partners with or donates […]

5 Ways to Wow Customers in Any Business

By The Valet SpotMay 13, 2019

The Internet. Social media. With the advance of digital technology, customers have changed. Today they can connect directly and faster, publically broadcasting their loyalty to your company, or their complaints. But, whether you own a valet company, parking garage or any other type of business, you can still delight your modern customer with five customer […]

Valet vs. Rideshare: We’re Betting on Valet

By The Valet SpotMarch 12, 2019

How Valet Can Take Back the Night, and Day Are Uber and Lyft driving down your profits? Well, you’re not alone. Industry giant Ace Parking told the San Diego Union-Tribune that, in the current battle of valet vs. rideshare, rideshare competitors are cutting into the parking business with as much as 50% less traffic at […]

Want to Boost Your Valet Business? Head to the Mall.

By The Valet SpotJanuary 15, 2019

It’s no secret that old-school malls have been losing sales to online stores. But the good news, according to a new report from AT Kearney, is that the modern mall’s future looks bright! Ski While You Shop Forward-thinking shopping centers are viewing retail spaces in a new way. According to a recent Forbes article, that […]

Why healthcare needs valet services more than ever

By The Valet SpotDecember 4, 2018

Volume to Value Healthcare The healthcare industry is rapidly transitioning into value-based care (VBC) models that focus on outcomes rather than volume. More attention and budget are being spent on balanced care that treats and helps prevent illness while providing excellent patient experiences. In fact, in a Forbes article titled Top 8 Healthcare Predictions for […]

Valet Systems in Airports are Successful!

By Russell PalmerSeptember 22, 2018

These valet services are already successful for a number of airports and airlines across the world. Travelers at O’Hare International Airport can get valet for a fee of $61, while Virgin Airlines in Australia is doing it at $63.  In Philadelphia, Pacifico Car dealerships has Pacifico Airport Valet, aiding patrons with parking issues and cross […]

4 Ways the Parking and Valet business can reach their Target Market

By Russell PalmerAugust 12, 2018

In a relatively short amount of time, businesses like Uber, Lyft, Bird Scooter and Lime Bike were able to meet the needs of the traveler who refused paying for parking and travelers who loathed the dreaded “find-a-parking-space” problem that comes with traveling into urban areas. Recently LA Times and San Diego Union Tribune published an […]

Why Valet Parking Increases Restaurant Revenue

By The Valet SpotMay 12, 2018

They have become a common sight in most large city’s, valets waiting outside restaurants ready to relieve you of your car, and that annoying problem of finding a parking space. There is a reason for this, not only does it attract more customers, valet parking increases restaurant revenue in several ways. As more and more […]

Demand-Based Parking Pricing is Increasing the Use of Valet Service

By The Valet SpotMay 1, 2018

Demand-based parking is a relatively new concept that is currently only being used in San Francisco but due to parking congestion, large cities nationwide will likely soon be creating their own versions of demand-based parking. With this system, meter rates go up or down based on demand, which encourages faster turnover on overly crowded (more […]

Increase Car Wash Revenue with Valet Service

By The Valet SpotApril 3, 2018

  Have you ever thought about offering valet service at your car wash or auto spa? Customers have less and less patience these days and they also expect a level of service that not only meets but exceeds their highest expectations. The fact is every car wash and auto spa no matter the location can […]