The All-in-1 Hotel Parking Podium

Custom Hotel Parking Podium

Stylish. Versatile. Secure. Branded. Cost-Effective. Tired of time-consuming comparison shopping? You need a hotel parking podium that doesn’t offer just one of these features. You need a stand that has—and does—it all! But before we dig into product details, here’s a quick marketing tip for hospitality managers. And, the reason choosing the right podium is so important! 

The Secret to Guest Satisfaction

Do you know the number one secret to guest satisfaction? Hotel design and architecture! These elements tell a story and create an ambiance that defines every visitor’s experience. And every great hotel tale begins with a great first impression. A hotel entrance that aligns with your hotel’s concept and vibe. That entrance should be stylish, memorable, and easy to find from the street. If tired travelers struggle to find your hotel, you’re not off to a good start. This is why a custom hotel parking podium is essential!

A Great First Impression: Your Custom Podium

Our Custom Hotel Parking Podium offers 100s of interchangeable panel options and the ability to add branded signage. These versatile features let you customize the podium to your hotel’s style or seasonal themes. So your hotel stands out in a crowded street, and makes a fabulous first impression the minute guests arrive at your entrance! Plus, our podium includes all the essentials you need for a durable, secure, efficient hotel parking stand.

More Key Features

  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Holds up to 400 keys
  • Includes installed tip box and umbrella holder
  • Sleek, brushed stainless steel surface
  • Nighttime LED lighting option with rechargeable battery
  • 4 slam-action locks with 2 keys for security
  • 4 heavy-duty locking casters for stability

No More Shopping Around!

So, if you’re a hotel general manager looking for a podium that keeps business running smoothly and makes a great first impression, give us a call today at 877-959-3693. We’ll help you design a custom hotel parking stand that does it all!