Want to Boost Your Valet Business? Head to the Mall.

It’s no secret that old-school malls have been losing sales to online stores. But the good news, according to a new report from AT Kearney, is that the modern mall’s future looks bright!

Younger consumers seek experiences over products

Ski While You Shop

Cleveland Mall Photo by Ron Dauphin on Unsplash

Forward-thinking shopping centers are viewing retail spaces in a new way. According to a recent Forbes article, that means becoming a “Main Street” that focuses less on selling people products and more on engaging them with experiences that create a sense of community. So in addition to retail stores, modern malls are adding restaurants, theaters, event spaces, museum exhibitions, plus attractions like theme parks, skating, ski slopes, and water parks. Some current examples of this trend include the Minneapolis Mall of America and the American Dream Centers in New Jersey and Miami.

Curbside Service

To tempt visitors to leave home, and truly enjoy the modern mall experience, shopping centers are also removing one of the biggest annoyances of yesterday’s malls—having to park. And then schlepping all your purchases back to that spot you circled for 30 minutes to find, at the far end of lot. The solution is valet parking and curbside pickup.

The president and managing partner of The Forbes Company, which runs luxury shopping centers, believes curbside pickup will compliment shopping. In a CNBC interview he says, “They’ll come to the mall. They’ll buy their stuff. We’ll have it picked up.” Then, “we’ll have it available for you at the valet outside the shopping center at the curb when you’re ready to leave the shopping center.”

The Modern Valet Station

So if you own a parking service or valet company you’ll want to make sure your valet stations are stylish, modern, and versatile enough for the malls of the future. But don’t worry, The Valet Spot has a wide selection of valet stations and valet podiums that will help you take advantage of this lucrative shopping center trend.

Shop Valet Stations & Podiums

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Classic Podium

Classic Valet Podium features

The Classic Podium is sleek, modern, and simple enough to match any exterior. 

  • Scratch-resistant white finish
  • Rounded aluminum corners
  • Curved side panels

Custom Deluxe Podium

Custom Deluxe Valet Podium

The versatile Custom Deluxe Podium has customizable panels. Change them out to display a schedule of mall events, featured mall attractions and shopping services.

  • Countertop with brushed stainless steel trim
  • Electronic compatible
  • Tip box installed
  • Locking security bar

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