Valet Parking Key Box Considerations

When investing in a valet parking key box for your businesses, it is imperative that you purchase a high quality holder for numerous reasons. Some of the features you need to take into consideration before buying are security, size, mounting, durability, flexibility and type.

valet parking key box

Get up to speed before you purchase a valet parking key box.

First off, it is safe to assume that your business will need a valet parking key box that can hold a lot of keys. It is better to be prepared than to turn down customers because you don’t have enough room in your holder. Equally, an overstuffed box that contains too many keys looks in disarray and makes a bad impression on customers as well as confusing your employees. Valet parking key boxes should be well organized and make life easier for you and your customer.

Valet Parking Key Box Security

It is vital that your valet parking key box be secure.  Not only will it ease the mind of your customers so they are more apt to return but it prevents possible theft. In fact, securing the keys for your customers has to be one of the most important features to consider when purchasing a valet parking key box.

To assure utmost security, a valet parking key box needs to have a secure lock and a robust design. Some of the lock options at The Valet Spot include combination locks and slam locks. They also utilize top-of-the-line material for supreme durability. The innovative design uses a zinc undercoating for enhanced durability, making the box extremely sturdy and long-lasting.

Combination Locks

Combination locks do not require a key. They are perfect for valet businesses that do not need to access the keys on a continual basis. The only downfall is the potential of forgetting your combination.

Slam Locks

Slam locks are one of the most secure ways to lock a valet parking key box. This type allows you to lock up in a hurry; hence slam lock. It is ideal for valet businesses that are always in a hurry. The drawback is the potential of losing the key and having to get a replacement.


The Valet Spot offers countless valet parking key boxes to fit the needs of your business.  All their boxes are designed to meet the demands of valet servicing. Keep in mind, a valet service should always look professional and have an expertise appearance to attract customers. Likewise, overtime a key box will start showing wear and tear and start looking haggard. This rings true especially if your company often works off site. Dragging you key box to and from the office will eventually wear down the exterior. However, at The Valet Spot the key boxes are made of a scratch-resistant textured powder coat finish to ensure that your investment has an extended shelf life. As well, the scratch-resistant surface helps protect the key box from the elements and prevents rust.

Additional Features

Valet parking key boxes can be stylized to your liking. You can select a key box with or without a stand, add an umbrella and you are ready for business. At The Valet Spot you can choose from a wide array of selections.

With a Stand: Valet parking key boxes with a stand adds presence. Since many valet companies need to be able to advertise when off site, a stand can add that extra touch that will get you noticed. The Valet Spot has a variety of key boxes with stands. The larger ones are very durable yet have wheels for easy transport. The smaller models are lightweight and solid, perfect for small events and private get-togethers.

Without a Stand: Valet parking key boxes without a stand are the ideal choice for companies who do not have large events off site like hotels, offices etc. This key box features a professionally styled design and generally a metal slam action lock. It is very adaptable with pre-drilled holes that make it a breeze to mount on most any preferred wall.

Ordering a Valet Parking Key Box

As a new business it can sometimes be difficult to determine what equipment is best suited for your needs. Sometimes the selections can be overwhelming. However, The Valet Spot can help you select the type of valet parking key box if you’re unsure of what to get. Give us a call 877-977-8733 or shoot us an email

If you are ordering a valet podium then The Valet Spot then you can receive free shipping on a valet parking key box.


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