Use Valet Key Holders to Enhance Your Business

When buying valet key holders and key boards, it’s best to assume that there will be a lot of keys. It’s always better to be prepared than not, especially when it comes to securing keys for your customers. Valet key holders and key boards are the perfect solution to organizing all your keys. Depending on your needs, there are numerous options available to fit your business style and necessities.

Wooden Key Holder

Our Wooden Key Holder Featured in the movie Ted.

Valet Key Holder Security

One of the most important features for valet key holders is security. If you have a valet service that requires you to leave the key board unattended, then top-of-the-line security is imperative. Your customers need to know that their keys are safe and secure. Also, leaving your business wide open to theft is probably not a good idea.

However, some businesses do not require valet key holders to be securely locked. If your company has an office where someone is nearby at all times then state-of-the-art security is not as vital. Generally, most office settings do not need additional security for valet key holders.

Organizing Your Business and Your Clients Keys

For any business, first impressions are extremely important. In fact, if you don’t give a good representation right off the bat then the likelihood of returning customers is quite slim. Moreover, customers will most likely pass you by and look elsewhere if they see a valet service that is poorly structured.

You can avoid this and give a lasting impression by being organized. Look at your business as if you were the customer. If your work area is a mess then customers aren’t going to feel confident in giving you the keys to their car. Would you leave your car and keys at a business that was disorganized and dysfunctional? If your valet service is organized, uniform, and run professionally, then a customer will feel comfortable leaving you with their cherished vehicle.

Adding More than Organization

Valet key holders that are designed for your style of clientele will definitely make a lasting image. You can also add a nice touch by using stylized valet tickets that are paired with your valet key holders or key boards. To the customers, this shows that you are well-organized and pay attention to the small details. Not only will they feel safe in leaving you with their car but they will feel that VIP valet experience.

Types of Valet Key Holders

The Valet Spot has a wide selection of valet key holders and key boards. Depending on your needs, you can choose a holder that has a small capacity of 50 or a large capacity of 100 or even 200. And as mentioned prior, you need to decide on a locked or unlocked valet key holder for ultimate security.

There are also other options in design and structure. Valet key boxes can be portable; can come with a stand, can be mounted on a wall and even have the ability to attach an umbrella.

valet key holders

100 Key Box, Mounted: This is a very adaptable valet key holder that has pre-drilled holes making it easy to mount on a wall or to a stand. It comes with a steel hook system that a space strategically apart for quick access. It is also very durable and features a zinc undercoating that makes it scratch resistant. And for top security it has a metal slam action lock.

Wood Key Boards (50-100 key hooks): This valet key holder is ideal for valet businesses that don’t need to worry about security. The wood keyboard is a professionally designed model that adds a beautiful accent. It is constructed out of high quality laminate and is perfect for offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports, apartment complexes and dealerships. It features pre-drilled holes that make it easy to mount on a selected wall. You can also have it custom ordered to fit your design needs.

Wood Key Boards with Lockable Sliding Doors (100 keys): If you like a nicely designed wood key board that is secure, this valet key holder is perfect. It is made of high quality wood laminate and has pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. It features lockable sliding doors for added security to keep keys safe from theft. This design is ideal for offices, hotels, valet operations, hospitals, car garages and more. Did you know this key board was featured in the movie Ted?

Valet Key Box with Stand (100-200 keys): This valet key holder is extremely durable and long lasting. The design has a state-of-the-art lock that keeps all keys locked safety when you are away. It also features heavy duty wheels that make it a breeze to transport. Whether you are a small or large business, you can choose between designs that hold 100 or 200 keys.

Key Portable Box (50 keys): This valet key holder is ideal for off site services and smaller events. It is very lightweight and features a folding handle that makes it easy to transport. Moreover, it has a zinc undercoating that makes it tremendously durable and scratch-resistant. For security, it comes with a metal slam action lock for protection from theft.

Lightweight Portable Stand (50 keys): The ideal valet key holder for smaller events and private parties. It is perfect for that last minute call when a client needs you now. It is lightweight, hard-wearing and can be quickly packed in the trunk for easy transport. It features a stand with two large durable wheels making it easy to cart. As well, the highly designed frame can be collapsed in an instant. Moreover, an umbrella can be attached to the back of the stand on a hot or blistery day.

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