New hook design: Coming soon

We’ve been working on a new hook design that allows keys and transmitters stay in place while units are in transit or under door-slamming conditions. The result is a new system that allows users to hang and also remove keys easily. While we were at it we also staggered the hooks so keys don’t interfere with numbers and other keys. You’ll also notice the MDF/ particle board is missing from the equation which means 3 important changes:

1) The doors on our podiums have been lightened by up to 50%. On most podiums with MDF boards when the door is open and full of keys the units become suspect to tipping. By replacing the MDF with wire these units have much better balance during wind and at full capacity with the door open.
2) MDF is susceptible to water damage and hooks often tear out. The new wire hooks solve both of these common problems.
3) Increased space at the bottom of the door helps to eliminate keys from getting in the way of the door closing. We’ve noticed in the past long key chains can be a pain.

Thanks to our customers for helping us to design better products, your feedback is much appreciated!

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