Be Prepared at Your Next Event with Parking Tickets

If you are new to the Valet industry you might want a heads up on event parking tickets. Most companies are unaware that there are several options that can be very beneficial to your business. If you already know what you want then you are halfway to opening your doors. However, to run a successful and efficient valet service you might want to consider the following when it comes to event parking tickets:

The Essentials

Keep in mind that there is no other way to successfully manage and keep track of keys, cars and customers aside from the following method. To utilize valet parking tickets effectively, it is imperative that you establish a well-defined and organized system.   As a new business you will discover that this is highly important especially when it comes to different type of events.

Types of Parking Tickets

In choosing from the different types of systems, you want to be prepared for all upcoming events. In order to put the system together you need to know which system will work the best for your business.

Valet event parking tickets come in three different varieties: 3 part, 4 part and 5 part tickets.

  • 3 Part: This valet event parking ticket breaks into three sections. 1) The customer claim that’s presented to the valet when the customer returns, 2) A key chain tag for identifying the right key, 3) Identification that is placed on the customers dashboard.
  • 4 Part: Has all the sections that 3 Part has but includes a 4th section; a customer receipt
  • 5 Part: Includes all 4 Parts plus a section that is attached to the rearview mirror of a vehicle making it easy to identify.
Valet parking tickets

3, 4, and 5-part Event Parking Tickets

Type of Events

As a professional valet company, there are many events where you can offer your services. The sky is the limit. Not only are airports and special events like weddings are opportunities but you can also include malls, crowded urban settings, special single events, private parties, office buildings, hotels, casinos, bars and restaurants.

Deciding what types of system for the type of event does not have to be complicated. Some of the factors that you should consider for event parking tickets should be as follows:

Custom vs. Stock Event Parking Tickets:

  • Custom event parking tickets are ideal for premium services where your brand name and positioning are invaluable. The event parking ticket will have you name and logo exactly how you want it. Custom made is perfect for valet services at luxury hotels and 4 or 5 star restaurants.
  • Stock event parking tickets are perfect for regular standard events or if you are working out of a parking garage. You would be far better off with stock parking tickets rather than investing in custom made.

Alternate Colors for Event Parking Tickets

One of the biggest problems with valet event parking tickets is when they are reused. This not only makes it difficult to account for revenue but it makes it harder to build trust with your employees.

A great solution is to alternate colors. This assures that you have the right customer and the valet is accounting for the revenue. What you do is choose two or more different colors and alternate them daily. You can also use a different color for each day of the week.

Alternating event parking ticket colors is ideal for keeping everything organized especially for big events like week-long conferences at hotels or special occasions that last more than a day. This process makes things simple and eliminates the temptation for all who work for you.

Event Ticket Numbering

It is essential that your entire event parking tickets are numbered.  Tickets should be numbered and also used in order of sequence. This way it makes it easy to account for any catastrophes that occur and so that you can take care of them right away.

Life has a funny way of creating mishaps, so being able to locate problems immediately when they arrive will save you a lot of frustration. In fact, numbering your tickets will save your company a lot of embarrassment.

As well, tickets should be in the order of the key hooks when they are hung. For example, if ticket number 1 is issued then the keys need to be hung on the holder for key number 1.  This strategy is important for large events like ball games or conferences at a resort. Remember; keep things organized, for it does not take long for things to go haywire after the 20th set of car keys.


It is very important to have event parking tickets that are made of quality material. Tickets for your business need to be durable and thick. Regardless of the type of event you have (small or large); tickets that fall apart will lose you customers in a big way.

Tickets made out of lightweight material can rip easily. Anytime a ticket falls apart it makes it hard for the valet to read. In fact, a lot of time is wasted on reading the ticket as well as trying to locate a client’s vehicle when the ticket is beyond reading. This is also extremely frustrating for the customer and gives a bad impression of your company.

Event Parking Tickets and Liability

It is always a good business decision to use event parking tickets that includes a liability statement and damage graphic. The liability statement gives your business extra protection against potential fraud. The damage graphic is for your valet. Its purpose is so that the valet can mark any pre-existing damage on a car. This can prevent the potential of fraudulent claims that may be filed against your company

Whether your valet service is for large or small events, it is imperative to safeguard your company with a liability statement and damage graphic with the event parking tickets. Now that you know what to consider, you can get started today with these valet tickets.

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