The Differences Between a Kiosk and a Podium

Do you know the difference between a kiosk and podium? If you are in the valet parking industry then you are quite familiar with a podium. A podium is a small raised platform designed for public speaking, conducting orchestra and for valet services. However, sometimes a podium is just not big enough for your business needs.

Now on the other hand, a kiosk is generally a small open-fronted cubicle that is used for selling tickets, newspapers or refreshments. But did you know that a kiosk can also be used for your valet parking services? Kiosks are wider than a podium and can hold a lot more keys. A kiosk is the ideal valet equipment for servicing larger groups.

Now add a valet umbrella to that kiosk and you have the perfect set-up. The dynamic combination adds a very strong presence that says professionalism and quality.


kiosk with umbrella

An umbrella adds a level of professionalism and makes your valet stand out.

Unlike a traditional store or business that has a physical presence, a podium or kiosk has to find a way to be noticed and remembered. A valet service needs to establish their name and their brand identity through their presence. The kiosk with an umbrella is a crucial piece to that puzzle.

The Ideal Kiosk

The ideal kiosk for your valet business is one that is fully customizable. Of course you want a kiosk with an umbrella so that you establish immediate presence. One such kiosk is the Designer Series Kiosk. This kiosk is perfect for all upscale venues that require a polished and professional look.  It is double-wide that allows for additional keys and can be customized to fit your personal business standards. The Designer Series Kiosk has an extraordinary high pressure laminate finish and is intended to last far longer than the traditional type. An umbrella adds a touch of class and really stands out. Not to mention it protects you in the rain.

The Perfect Podium

Now if the kiosk with an umbrella is a touch too fancy then you can opt for the Professional Valet Podium. This particular podium is double the width of a regular podium and holds up to 400 keys. It features a zinc pre-coating that is durable and scratch resistant.  The Professional Valet Podium has an innovative design intended for high traffic locations. What’s more, you can leave the head-ache at home because it rolls easily onto the job site.  Like the kiosk with umbrella, it is electronic ready and has secure locking.

The Final Design

Now the kiosk with umbrella has numerous options. In fact, you can choose from a variety of finishes that complements your business or logo. Some of the selections include a crisp professional white, satin stainless, deep black, Kenya mahogany, African slate, Biltmore cherry and many more. There are over 280 selections, making it easy to customize your company’s persona.

Add an umbrella of your liking and notice a huge difference in presence. The umbrella not only adds class but it creates an even bigger presence and of course helps protect you from the sun or rain. So if you want to create your valet presence, then a kiosk with umbrella is ideal.


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