Foldable Valet Podium

Offsite event

Having a movable/portable podium is great when catering to off-site events

Some valet services do a fair number of offsite events such as private parties and weddings. In fact, for many valet companies, offsite events are a central part of their core business. But, it’s always an ordeal to set up appropriate equipment and staff in an unfamiliar location. So much so that some valet companies avoid offsite events.

In order to transport a typical valet podium to an offsite event, a valet company would have to bring a large truck to haul the over-sized valet podium. Bringing just key hooks isn’t always a good enough choice. Using just key hooks leaves a business wide open for car theft and liability issues.

To offer a professional valet service, a company needs to be able to control traffic flow and establish a clear presence. While a key box may be easier to transport, it doesn’t really solve these problems.

Offsite Event Solutions

Now wouldn’t it be great if you could downsize your podium instead of having to lug it to a special offsite event? Typical valet podiums can weigh up to 200 pounds or more. At that weight, a truck and a lot of elbow grease is definitely required.

We realized this was a major problem for many of our customers and wanted to create a foldable valet podium that could get the job done. However, we saw that most foldable valet podiums are lightweight but do not have the professional amenities for an offside event.

A One of a Kind Foldable Valet Podium


Mobile and convenient, the portable valet podium can easily be transported from one event to another

Our Portable Valet Podium can be transported in a small vehicle. The podium folds down to a mere 4” and is easily transported.

Because of its small size, you can carry more than one foldable valet podium in your compact vehicle. In truth, you can save yourself a lot of trips by loading your podium, signs, parking cones and more into one car. The Portable Valet Podium is ideal if you manage large offsite events like baseball games or concerts.


The Compact Podium


The compact podium offers the same convenience as the portable podium without the fuss of disassembling and reassembling

While not a foldable valet podium, the Compact Podium offers the same highly-portable functionality without having to be set-up and torn down. It easily fits into the back of any standard-sized or larger car and is ideal any time space is at a premium.

All of our podiums are made of 18-gauge, powder-coated steel . They’re scratch resistant and have a refined textured black finish. You can be rest assured that all keys will be safe while the staff spend time with your customers instead of babysitting the podium. Just as importantly, you’ll have an established presence no matter where you’re working from.

With such a small foldable valet podium, you may be asking if there’s enough space for your customer’s keys. No need to worry, the unique podium has a 100 Key hook capacity so there’s plenty of room for your client’s keys and keeping things organized.

Additional Features

Both of our foldable valet podium options, the Compact Podium and the Portable Valet Podium, have a wide variety of features making it easy to manage your offsite events. Instead of worrying about how or what to bring you can now focus on quality customer care. Some of the features in both podiums include:

100 Key hook capacity
Strong metal construction
Easy grip handles for transport
Scratch-resilient, textured black finish
Steel functional surface with umbrella holder

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The Compact Podium

The Compact Podium

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The Portable Valet Podium

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