A Great Resource for Finding Reputable and Dependable Valet Parking Service Suppliers

It can be difficult to tell the difference between suppliers of Valet Service Suppliers. The sales pitch always sounds the same, right? How can you really drill down and tell the difference between your options? Here is one quick reference to help you narrow down the field fast and painlessly. Turn your browser to NVPAOnline.com. Search the Member Directory of the National Valet Parking Association, or NVPA. In order to become a member of this organization, a supplier has to meet some really high standards, many of which are details that a site manager might not always consider, they do a great job of identifying some key traits of a great supplier, and demanding them of their membership. Take a look at their detailed entry requirements. If you have similarly high standards for your site, contacting a member of this organization can be a great way to start. Below we summarize some of the membership requirements, you can read a full list here.

All this information is reprinted directly from www.NVPAOnline.com

Association Standards – Our members uphold these association standards and adhere to these criteria.

Years In Business: All members have been in business for a minimum of Ten Years.

Size of Company: All members employ a minimum of 100 employees.

Employment: The highest quality employees are recruited by these employment practices:
• Checking the driving record of all applicants before they are hired
• Checking references and past employment records
• Administering integrity or honesty tests to potential applicants
• Adhering to all Federal and State hiring practices
• Adhering to all Federal and State wage and hour laws*

Insurance: Our members carry these types of insurance:
• General Liability Insurance with a minimum of $5,000,000
• Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000
• Workmen’s Compensation Insurance with the minimum as require by law
• All insurance carriers are rated A+ or higher

Read more at their ‘association standards‘ section at their website.

We are lucky to have met many of the members of this organization personally and are proud to call them clients.

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