Valet Key Boxes Protect Your Business

Necessity Of Valet Key Boxes For Your First Class Business!

The onset of modernization has brought up an endeavor of luxuries and some have become need of everyday life modes of transport. The most famous modes of transport are by road and everyone in this modern world depends on their bikes or cars for their daily transport needs.

Are you aware that every 43 seconds a car in United States is being stolen?

This rate of stolen cars is almost equal to million cars in one year. Car thieves generally avoid cars parked in front of houses and in driveways because they’re well secured at those places. A valet key is a spare key which comes with certain car models and it allows the ignition to be started along with the driver door opened. This key can be used for valet parking so that your automobile can be parked, unlocked and locked by someone else but valuables or personal property stored in the trunk or glove box cannot be stolen or accessed. This key helps in opening the door but it will not allow accessing the glove box or the trunk of the car and is meant to be more secure.

Valet drivers or the doormen are the first person whom your customers come across when they reach your hotel or any other business place. The two main objectives for the valet drivers to grab customer’s attention are by moving cars in and out of the loading zone quickly and serving the guests with good impression.

Customers can easily be annoyed and upset if the cars are not move properly and quickly with their time span which results in poor impression of establishment. This key has some functionality providing more security available. The vehicle can be driven with the valet key and maintaining a proper and elegant valet key box would give a best impression to your guests.

The Valet key is designed according to the specific looks for a particular vehicle such as a typical valet key opens the driver entry door manually and does not have a remote open and lock feature. The most important features for valet key boxes are security.  So, if you have a valet service, top-of-the-line security is imperative. Even your customers need to know that their keys are safe and secure in your valet key box.

First impressions for any business are extremely important and if you fail in a good representation, then the likelihood of returning customers will definitely decrease.

For a business to succeed, the key factor is satisfying the customer, again and again. As the famous saying goes “the first impression is the best impression.” The perception of the customer is what matters –  of course this includes the safe storage of his vehicle during the course of his stay. This makes the setup of valet parking a great customer service resource, and thus the equipments required like the podium key cabinet, valet key box, etc. should be taken care of to the optimum level.

Valet key boxes play an important role in the valet parking service and it is basically used to keep safe the keys of various vehicles that are being parked. The most important aspect of valet parking service is the valet key boxes as it helps in the following ways:

  • Valet key box creates a proper stowing place for the keys of various vehicles
  • It helps in locating the keys in the fastest and efficient means possible
  • Valet key box also helps in cross checking the keys with the vehicles so that the employee does not take undue advantage of the vehicles parked
  • A properly arranged and maintained valet key box gives ambience to the place creating a good image in the view of the customer.

Various Types of Valet key boxes :

There are several types of valet key boxes which help in organizing the key stowing needs. You have the feasibility and freedom to choose a valet key boxes that suits your business level at the best level on your pocket as they are available in wide range of quality levels and price too.

Standard valet key boxes:

These are generally made of ply wood with hooks arranged in columns and lines way and are generally indexed with numbers to make it easy for the valet parking person to easily locate the keys when needed. The prices of such valet key boxes usually vary on the capacity of keys to be held, and of course the finishing does matter. This type generally cost up to 15 $ a square feet in measure and with a minimum capital of about 200$ and further depend upon the finishing required.

Customized valet key boxes

These are generally made per the customers’ exclusive wishes with the desired material which may be of wood, perspective sheet or of high grade steel. These are normally pocket facilitated boards which elevate the keys and customization may be in the shape required like the logo of their company or the way of indexing done as per the companies make or electronic display chambers etc. these boards design is taken utmost care off and are engineered to perfection as per the costumer’s satisfaction, and this the cost of which totally depend upon the level of customization required.

As said, proper preparedness is always rewarded, utilization of these valet key boxes will help the service to be rendered at a commendable time and to the level of customer’s satisfaction.

You can provide your customers with lasting impression by being organized. Glance at your business as if you were the customer, then think how the customer would feel about seeing a sloppy work area. Try to avoid any type of confusion in providing service to the customers. Maintaining organized valet key boxes will reduce the confusion to some extent, as you saving your customer valuable time when they are ready to leave.

The customer will feel relaxed leaving you with their cherished vehicle if your valet key box service is professional, uniformed and organized.

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