Finding the Best Valet Podium for My Business

Valet Podiums – How To Choose The One That Best Fits Your Needs?

Irrespective of the business you are in, whether it is a hotel, motel, restaurant or a hospital, if you want to provide your customers with the best valet services, you should opt only for the best valet podiums.

But how would you know which one is the best for you? What are the different parameters that serve as a yardstick to differentiate between the best and the ordinary valet podiums? What are the advantages of using the high-end valet podiums? The following information will answer all these questions.

As a business owner, you should always keep in mind that the valet services you provide to your guests will serve as a benchmark to perceive your organization’s standards. One should also understand that the valet podium has a lot more to do in addition to serving as a mere valet stand, while the vehicles are being parked.

Valet podiums play an important role in generating the first great impression in the mind of the customers, as this is often located at the customer’s first point of contact.

There a lot of valet podiums available in the market today, and each have its own distinguished features. Remember, not all valet podiums suit your business. Some of them have other uses apart from serving as valet stand, which might or might not be useful for your business.

So, depending on the business you are in, you will have to choose the valet podium that best suits your needs. Many people consider it to be just another stand that holds valets. This is a misrepresentation. A careful look inside the podium will let you know that there is a lot more to them other than serving as mere stands. Following information on advantages of valet podiums will help you understand this better.

Various advantages of valet podiums:

  1. A quality valet podium will definitely give the best impression of your business to a customer.
  2. Valet podiums help keep your things organized with the help of the systems incorporated into them, and help you perform your job seamlessly.
  3. It goes unsaid that the guests who are willing to utilize valet services take enough care of their vehicles. A quality valet podium will help them understand that this business owner always offers the best services and this helps them have a sigh of relief knowing that their car is in good hands.
  4. A Valet podium helps your staff to serve the customers better and save time for both the guests and the business as well. This generates a positive brand image for the organization.
  5. Most podiums come in with a key organizer hidden inside, which helps the valet attendants in locating the keys of a particular guest with ease.
  6. High end valet podiums are equipped with “electronic point of sale systems” capable of generating on the spot receipts. This ensures trustworthiness of your business.
  7. The receipts thus generated contain all the important information such as, time car is parked, place at which the car is parked and some of the recent high end valet podiums even generate receipts with the name of the attendant who parked the car.
  8. These kinds of valet podiums not only speak high of your valet services but also make sure that the customer is totally satisfied with the parking services on offer and encourage them to entrust their valuable vehicles in your parking lot when they are around for the next time.
  9. Some of the valet podiums have a built in tip-box. They look more elegant when compared to the podiums that have a tip-box added on to them later.
  10. Having a built-in tip box can help the manager to relieve some stress as far as dividing the tip among the valet attendants is concerned. This will implement a fair policy of dividing the tips evenly among the attendants and will keep any misunderstandings among them, at bay.

Valet Podium Types

There are various types of valet podiums available that cater to a wide variety of businesses. And this is good news. Since all businesses do not have the same requirements, each business can choose its own valet podium depending on the kind of valet services they intend to offer.

For example, if you are about to start a valet service for a restaurant, your valet podium needs extensively differ from that of a five star hotel, that has been offering similar services but, on a wider scale. Hence, “to each, his own” stands good as far as choosing a valet podium for a particular is concerned.

However, depending on the valet services, valet podiums can be divided into standard, deluxe and custom made types.

  • Standard Valet Podiums: People who want to start valet services on a smaller scale can opt to do so with the help of standard valet podiums. They cost as less as $400 and can be owned without being too heavy on the wallet. Metal walls of these podiums are a bit thinner when compared to the metal walls of high end models but, yet look elegant. These models are generally not equipped with point of sale systems that the higher end models boast off. But, for small business owner, standard type podium might just serve the purpose.
  • Deluxe or High-End Valet Podiums: As mentioned earlier, these podiums are coupled with point of sale systems that are capable of generating receipts with the entire history of a parked vehicle imbibed on to them. Most of them are made of stainless steel and are designed to excel. They are known to have an ever lasting impression on a customer’s mind as soon as they encounter one at their first point of contact. Most of them fall in the price range of $700 – $800. Though expensive, these valet podiums have their own way of dragging customers in, and encourage them to utilize your valet services.
  • Custom Made Valet Podiums: If you are already owning and operating a high end valet service, and want to go to that next level of offering “one of a kind valet service”, custom made valet podium is what you are looking for. As the name suggests, these podiums are custom built to cater to the needs of individual business owners. They come in all shapes and sizes and are built to compliment your organization’s standards.

These kind of podiums are the costliest and can range anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to much more.

Thus depending on individual business requirements, one has to carefully choose the right valet podium that best fits their needs. Hope that the above mentioned information will be of some sort of help in choosing the best valet podium for your business.

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