The Valet Spot Introduces The Deluxe Plus Podium

We’ve been busy here at the Valet Spot bringing our newest product to market. We are excited to unveil our newest podium, the Deluxe Plus! Based off the Deluxe Podium, the Plus is the first podium in the industry to feature a locking, weather-proof hood designed to house computer monitors and other electronics within the podium.

As the valet industry continues to make the shift towards digital point-of-sale systems, we are working to develop solutions that will cater to these systems and add value to your operation. The Deluxe Plus Podium is designed with this type of system in mind.

The Deluxe Plus was originally designed to meet the strict specifications of the “W” Hotel in Hollywood. After working closely with the valet team at the "W’ Hotel to improve the original concept, we are excited to begin offering this solution to valet companies nationwide.

Is there anything that your business would like to see integrated into our next generation of podiums? If so, don’t hesitate to let us know!



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