Eliminate Holiday Parking Hassles by Managing Your Parking Lot

Toronto Mall Parking Lot During the Holidays

Toronto Mall Parking Lot During the Holidays

With less than four weeks until Christmas, cities around the world are packed full of busy shoppers stocking up on their presents. This of course also means malls, shopping center parking lots and parking garages will be jammed this holiday season. Unpredictable traffic patterns are inevitable during the holiday shopping season, which is why it’s important to utilize every parking space available. 

This is where parking management or valet service comes into play. Consumers are pre-occupied with shopping during the holiday season and do not need the additional stress of roaming parking lots for hours looking for a parking spot. It is becoming common practice for stores, malls, restaurants and even coffee shops to hire a parking management company or valet service during the holiday season. Some are even choosing to manage their own parking operations internally.

Research shows that heart rates tend to increase by 33 percent while Christmas shopping – which is on par with the increase while running a marathon. This is not necessarily what your customers are looking to do on the way into your place of business. Managing your parking so potential customers do not have this type of an experience during the holiday season will ensure those window shoppers actually make it into your business.