Increase Car Wash Revenue with Valet Service

Car Wash Valet


Car Wash Valet

Have you ever thought about offering valet service at your car wash or auto spa? Customers have less and less patience these days and they also expect a level of service that not only meets but exceeds their highest expectations. The fact is every car wash and auto spa no matter the location can benefit from offering valet service, here are a few reasons why.

1. Attract More Customers with Convenience

Every car wash wants to increase their daily revenue any way possible. Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially when you are an established car wash that already has the majority of the local business. Rather than offering sales and running costly promotions, focus on making it more convenient for people visiting businesses around you to drop off their car at your car washed valet service to get it washed while running their errands rather than paying for parking. This will not only attract new business but increase the frequency of regular customers coming in.

2. Decrease Wait Times

As stated previously many customers simply will leave and go to another car wash if there is a long wait time. Having valet attendants greeting customers as soon as they pull into your parking lot prevents this from happening. It also provides a level of service that most car washes and auto spas do not offer which will keep your customers coming back.

3. Upsell Additional Services

At a traditional car wash, most customers will choose the standard wash if they are driving up to a machine and making the selection on their own. Most auto spas have an attendant that asks what service you would like and explains the benefits of each. Customers will almost always choose additional services like waxing, leather conditioning and tire dressing if they are offered the service when it’s needed and have the benefits of that service explained to them. Having valet service at your car wash created the opportunity to upsell customers as soon as they pull into the drive.