A Guide to Selecting the Proper Valet Equipment for Your Business

All of us in the valet parking industry know that selecting the right valet equipment and parking accessories for an event isn’t the easiest task. Every event has different variables to consider. How many vehicles will need to be parked? How many guests will be in each vehicle? What amount of parking space is available at the venue? Where will the valet podium be located? Will directional parking signs be necessary? These are just a few of the things that have to be considered for every single event. Fortunately, with proper planning, the valet parking operation should run as smooth as the exquisite machines it parks. Here are some tips on selecting the right equipment for the occasion from the leading supplier of valet equipment.

1. Select a Podium that Compliments the LocationPortable podium at Wedding

By saying “select a podium that compliments the location” we aren’t only referring to the look. Actually, we are primarily referring to the functionality.

For example, if you are hosting a wedding and the venue happens to be somewhere that has loose gravel or even grass for the parking area it would be wise to bring a collapsible podium that is easily transported without having to be rolled across rough terrain. Sometimes a rolling podium is not ideal for the situation. In this scenario, a valet parking stand with a key box might be a good option for smaller parties.

2. Be Prepared to Direct Traffic

Sometimes getting people to drop off their cars at the proper location is easier said than done. Keeping people that are not taking advantage of the valet service from using parking spaces that are reserved for the valet operation can be even harder. This is where having the proper type and quantity if valet parking signs come into play. One example that always comes too mind is casinos. Think about the last casino you went to, how easy was it to find the valet service? Almost every casino has tons of parking signs directing you straight to the casino valet stand.

3. Attract the Right Amount of AttentionProfessional Kiosk in front of hotel

Now we are referring to the looks of the podium. There’s nothing worse than seeing an old shabby valet parking podium in front of a classy establishment. It immediately makes you reconsider going inside, first impressions are everything. At the same time, you don’t want a parking stand or podium that resembles a flashing billboard with advertising all over the place or an extensive use of LEDs. The goal is to attract attention in an elegant way that compliments the businesses valet service. A restaurant might think about a portable Custom Deluxe Podium that can match almost any decor whereas a hotel usually is better off going with a hotel kiosk or hotel greeting station looking podium like the Professional Kiosk.

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