How to Keep Customers Coming Back

Now that summer has arrived so have the summer tourist. With this immediate influx in business, most of us in the hospitality industry know that it is also time to step up our efforts to meet the ever increasing expectations of our guests. That is why every year we have to think of new ways to impress our customers to keep them coming back!

Add a greeting station

How many times have you been to a hotel lobby only to have to wait in an excessively long line? The problem is usually not a lack of personnel, but a lack of greeting stations to take in customers.

Hotel Line

Adding a portable greeting station may be the key to cutting down those lines and increasing the quality of those oh so important customer reviews!



Increase Security

Unfortunately, with increased business there is usually also a need to increase security. It is our job in the hospitality industry to make our customers feel just as safe on vacation as they do at home. Adding security stations at key points is a great way to increase security while also providing a place for guests to go for information. A security desk is usually the first thing a guest will look for when they have an emergency or need information.



See you at this year’s NPA show

This year’s NPA show is still three months away but we can’t wait to see you there! If you don’t already know the NPA’s Annual Convention & Expo is the one event of the year that brings together the foremost experts and resources in the parking industry. Parking professionals from across North America and beyond come together to discuss current trends, best practices and learn firsthand what industry leaders are doing to stay ahead.

NPA Convention 2016


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