Tips to Save Money on Parking Equipment

Over the past few years we’ve had several customers that have made the mistake of ordering a lower quality podium from another company because of a minor price difference before coming to us. Another common mistake is placing multiple small orders for items that have a substantial shipping cost due to weight in a fairly short time period. I know that orders are usually placed right when the item is needed, but with some careful planning, you can save yourself a substantial amount of money by following these tips.

Standard Valet Podium - The Valet Spot

Standard Valet Podium – The Valet Spot

Quality over quantity

Every once in a while, we hear about a competitor’s valet podium that looks like it’s the same quality but has a slightly lower cost, don’t be fooled! We have been manufacturing and selling valet podiums & valet kiosks for years which made us the leading supplier of valet parking equipment. All of our podiums are made from high-grade steel and come with a lifetime guarantee. Even though we have the highest quality standards in the industry our products are still some of the most competitively priced in the parking industry. Below is a comparison chart of The Valet Spot and some of our top competitor’s standard valet podiums so you can easily make an educated decision on where to purchase valet parking equipment.


Product Camparison



Place orders for multiple podiums to receive bulk order discounts

Bulk Order DiscountMost of our repeat customers know we offer bulk order discounts but for those of you that have never ordered before, YES we do offer bulk order discounts. Please email or call 877-959-2185 and we will provide you with a customized bulk order quote.

Order more than one podium at a time to cut shipping in half

There is nothing worse than paying more than necessary for shipping. Valet podiums and other parking equipment can be heavy. Depending on where the parking equipment is going the shipping cost can be a third of the price of the actual item you are purchasing. We came up with this comparison chart to show you the money that can be saved by ordering more than one podium at a time. On average, you save $130 by ordering more than one podium at once with standard shipping.

We recommend placing orders early in anticipation of longer lead times. Dismiss