How Bulk Buys Will Benefit Your Business

Bulk Buying Header

When you think of buying in bulk, you might think of items like office supplies or food and beverages. However buying in bulk is a great idea for any business essential, including valet equipment. 

Order More, Save More

Buying in bulk is always cheaper per unit. Even if the savings are only a few dollars it adds up quickly, especially when you consider your yearly budget. Often times you can save even more by buying wholesale without the contractual hurdles. Bulk shipping is usually cheaper and better for the environment because it may require less packaging than shipping one item at a time.

Always Be Prepared

If you have spare valet parking equipment on hand like podiums, you’ll always be ready for an emergency or a last-minute opportunity. For example, if a podium is damaged or your parking or valet business suddenly gets an opportunity to service a new restaurant, bar or event. 

How Bulk Buying Works

Want a real-world example that applies to your business? When you order in bulk from The Valet Spot, you can save 5% on 3-4 podiums or 7% on 5-9 podiums. Simply select a quantity of 3 to 9 podiums and the bulk discount will automatically be applied.  Planning to purchase 10 valet podiums or more? Give us a call at 877-413-7285 and we’ll offer wholesale pricing and save on shipping costs overall. 

Our Bulk Pick: The White Standard Valet Podium 

If you’re planning to buy valet stands in bulk, we’d like to suggest The Valet Station’s White Standard Valet Podium. It’s our most affordable and popular valet stand, now available in modern white. Our best value, it features a smart design that ensures your valet staff can secure, organize and protect customer keys. Optional signage helps attract attention and direct customers. The podium can also be sold as a promotional space for your clients and their events.

We recommend placing orders early in anticipation of longer lead times. Dismiss