Hospital Valet Podiums are Beneficial to Staff and Visitors Alike

hospital valet podiums

If you have recently been to a hospital to visit a sick friend or relative, you probably noticed that it is getting much more difficult to find a car parking space than it used to be. A lack of building space, especially for inner-city medical facilities, has led to many hospitals demolishing their car parking facilities and replacing them with new patient care or administration buildings. Although this has enabled hospitals to grow in size in order to meet the needs of ever-growing communities, it has led to parking problems for both staff and visitors.

One way hospitals deal with this problem is by using parking passes for their staff and for visitors in their immediate families. Although this is effective to a limited extent, it still leaves the problem of finding parking areas for general visitors. One of the ways that many facilities are dealing with this problem is by the introduction of hospital valet parking services. These have been designed specifically for this purpose and are popular with both staff and visitors alike.

One of the advantages of a valet service at hospitals is that they offer a quick and convenient way to park cars, especially as the parking requirement for some hospitals becomes more complex. Many hospitals have restricted visiting hours which increases demand for parking at certain points during the day or week. A valet service offers a way for hospitals to better control parking during those times. This helps both hospitals and visitors as it reduces stress and complication for visitors and allows the hospital to exercise more control over traffic and parking. The last thing that a hospital needs is for parking problems to impact the running of the facility, especially with regards to the operation of emergency services, where a traffic jam can have serious implications.

The use of a hospital valet parking system and the accompanying valet podium and valet equipment allows visitors to give up their vehicle at a location that’s convenient for them and for the valet staff to park the car at a place that is in the best interest of the hospital. Where the vehicle will be parked can be based upon a number of factors such as the amount of time that the person is likely to be visiting the patient and the level of service  required by the customer. Some hospitals allow visitors to pay for premium service such as the convenience of being able to get away from the hospital as quickly as possible.

hospital valet podiums

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The use of valet parking is becoming increasingly popular. This is largely because it helps to solve problems for both the hospital and its patrons alike. You will be pleased to know that we have great experience in supplying hospital valet podiums and offer a large range of customizable podiums that should prove ideal for your needs.

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