The Benefits of Using a Restaurant Valet Service and Podium

Restaurant Valet Podium

If you are the owner of a large or exclusive restaurant then you may have thought about offering a valet service for your customers. There are many reasons for offering such a service, and there are a variety of associated benefits, both for you as a business owner, and for your clientele. By offering a valet parking service, you’re able to provide a premium experience to your customers from the moment they arrive. If you’re located in an area where parking can be difficult, you’re also able to significantly improve the experience your customers have arriving and leaving your restaurant.

We have been designing elegant restaurant valet podiums in our California offices since 2008 and offer a level of quality that is second to none. Although we offer a large range of beautiful and functional valet podiums in our standard lines, our team has the talent to customize the design of your restaurant valet podium if required to provide a 5-star experience.

Restaurant Valet Podium

Our Deluxe Valet Podium will help to give customers a higher regard of your establishment.

Our valet podiums are high quality and we guarantee that they will impress your restaurant’s customers and valet parking staff.  The combination of our restaurant podiums with well-dressed, friendly, and intelligent valets will make your customers feel unique and well-attended  before they have even passed through your door.

Training Valet Staff for your Restaurant

If you are going to employ people to act as valets at your restaurant then you may wish to consider sending them to specialized training courses. These courses will enable your staff to learn the correct etiquette that is required when dealing with customers. Beyond this, your valets will also learn proper car parking skills which are essential for parking high range cars such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Without going through such a course, it is likely that your valet would never have had a chance to drive similar cars. By thoroughly training your valets you will avoid the embarrassment of stalling a customer’s car as they drive it away to park, or worse still, crashing their car during the parking process. If your valet is able to smoothly and confidently handle any vehicle, your customer will be reassured and confident of their vehicles safety in the valet’s hands.

This feeling of trust is likely to pass directly to the restaurant itself since the valet will be the first employee your cusomters interact with when they arrive. As well as maximizing your car parking space, a good valet should also be trained to deal with basic customer inquiries. An excellent valet will also have knowledge of basic car mechanics to assist a customer with any minor problems that occur while they are dining.

We are sure that we have a Restaurant Valet Podium that will be suitable for your needs and are more than happy to discuss any customization requirements that you may have.

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