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Learn the fast track to hiring and recruiting valet staff


Finding good employees is difficult. There is a sea of applicants out there and let’s be honest, most of them are bad.

When you finally do find good staff, the turnover rate is usually high.

Worst of all, the whole process takes a ton of your time and energy.

But what if hiring didn’t have to be difficult? What if you could find better employees that stay with your company without the time and headaches of the normal hiring process? We discuss how on this months podcast.

Bart Bement of built a driver staffing company that employed over 2,000 employees. Most of which worked remotely for clients around the country. Over this time, they developed strategies and solutions for recruiting qualified applicants and dealing with high turnover rates in this seasonal business.

Learn the fast track to recruiting >>

Where are we parking?

Big thanks go out to Jamie and the team at Skyline Valet for their support over the years. Skyline Valet is the premier service in Vancouver offering contractual and private event valet parking. Looking stylish!

Skyline Keybox

Here they’ve taken our Portable Key Box Stand and branded it with their logo in black and white to match their uniforms. We hear it’s rainy up there in Vancouver and that valet umbrella adds a nice touch to their valet stand.

Skyline Portable Podium

They are using our Portable Valet Podium and have branded the front panel with their parking sing. The Portable Podium is lightweight and folds down to be transported easily.

Skyline valet signs

Valet signs are a staple for any valet station. They are a great way to attract attention and let people know you are there as well as direct traffic.

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