5 Surprising Facts About Stainless Steel

5 Surprising Facts About Stainless Steel

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet. According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, about 88% of the world’s steel is recycled. In fact, two out of every three tons of new steel is made from old steel. The steel industry also recycles steel byproducts. Steelmaking dust and sludge can be reused to make other metals, like zinc.

You Can Wash Your Hands With It

That’s right, stainless steel can be made into a soap-shaped bar! While it doesn’t kill germs or bacteria like traditional soap, it will neutralize strong odors. Researchers hypothesize the steel reduces odors by binding to sulfur compounds in strong-smelling substances. This makes it the perfect hand soap to wash away common cooking smells like garlic, onion or fish. 

Martha Stewart Stainless Steel Soap Bar

It Shrinks and Expands

When the temperature changes, stainless steel may expand or contract. That’s why France’s Eiffel Tower is about 984 feet tall in the summer, but 6 inches shorter on cold winter days. As a result, construction companies have to account for thermal expansions when they build steel frames for buildings. 

You Can Wear It

Stainless steel is ductile. This means it can be stretched into thin wire that can be woven into stainless steel mesh that’s pliable enough to wear. Thermal- and radiation-resistant, stainless steel clothing is often used in electrical industries. It’s also used in touchscreen gloves for mobile phones because the way it conducts electricity mimics a finger’s electrical current. 

It Makes a Great Rug

Stainless steel also helps keep carpet static-free. Some manufacturers weave stainless steel fibers into carpet. The steel fibers prevent the buildup of static electricity reducing the chance of you getting a static electric shock.

What’s Special About Our Stainless Steel Valet Podium

Stainless Steel Standard

Different grades of stainless steel serve different purposes. For example, grade 316 is used for medical devices and refinery equipment. On the other hand, grade 304, the type used in our Stainless Steel Standard Valet Podium gives equipment and appliances a polished modern look. Crafted from 18-gauge stainless steel our podium’s sleek and simple design features an optional customer counter for better

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