Valet Systems in Airports are Successful!

These valet services are already successful for a number of airports and airlines across the world. Travelers at O’Hare International Airport can get valet for a fee of $61, while Virgin Airlines in Australia is doing it at $63.  In Philadelphia, Pacifico Car dealerships has Pacifico Airport Valet, aiding patrons with parking issues and cross selling their auto servicing and detailing services at the same time. These services cater even more to travelers’ needs; they valet your car, service it, pick you up when you return and drop you off all for a nominal fee.

What about Airline Valet Systems?

Airlines can benefit by offering passengers the value of a valet service in a different manner. They can offer it complementary to business clients and premium airline mile-point holders.

Valet is a unique area that airlines can utilize to their benefit. Most travelers are looking for services that make their journeys easier. A private valet service gives their clients a personalized experience and keeps fliers coming back.

Making Valet Your Next Business!

Valet can be offered almost anywhere that a business operation permit can be obtained. Find equipment that works for your new business from The Valet Spot. The Valet Spot offers portable valet podiums and kiosks to help you get your business model off the ground. Additionally, you can find all the accessories you need to make sure your valet service thrives.

Do you want to stand out in the crowd?

A great valet company invests in a professional podium.

Options at The Valet Spot

The Professional Kiosk

Integrated LED option w/ rechargeable sealed battery

The Professional Valet Kiosk with LEDs

One of our most popular choices is the Professional Kiosk. This podium is perfect for high traffic areas, such as airports. This sleek podium was designed with a stainless steel front panel and a modern, curvy appearance.

The optional integrated LED kit lights the front panel of the kiosk and the kiosk’s working surface and storage area below. This LED feature helps with visibility at night which is important in an airport setting where travelers are coming and going at all hours of the day and night.

The professional kiosk is a smart choice for your new business because it includes:

  • 400 key capacity
  • Modern curved appearance with stainless steel accents
  • LED options
  • The kick plate conceals the casters from view making it look more permanent
  • 2 locking casters to help the podium stay in place

The Key Box Stand

Keybox with keypad and stand

Keybox with keypad and stand

Often, the parking staff is set up with a reception kiosk or has a built-in reception counter already. To get a valet service set up, all they require is the valet equipment. The Key Box stand is perfect for established teams who just need mobility and the locking key box to secure patron’s keys. The stand can hold up to two key boxes on the frame, enabling you to grow your stand as your business grows!

The Key Box model is the perfect option for a new or an established airport valet business. The capabilities of the Key Box stand include:

  • Easy to move
  • 100 key capacity
  • can add an additional keybox, to make 200 keyhooks
  • It has wheels

The Stainless Steel Podium

All Stainless Steel Valet Podium

Stainless Steel Valet Podium

Standing out is easy to do with the Stainless Steel podium! This podium catches your eye, looks elegant, and will provide a lifetime of valet professionalism. The entire structure is composed of stainless steel. Due to this model being top-quality, this podium is ideal for airports with harsher weather conditions such as heat, humidity, and/or coastal air.

This podium has the look of a permanent fixture with the ability to be mobile all wrapped into one top-of-the-line podium. The Stainless Steel Podium is a great option for airports with features such as:

  • Locking Casters – Easy to move
  • 50-200 key capacity
  • Large commanding presence
  • Stainless steel trim covering wheels
  • 2 Slam-action locks with 2 keys

Benefits of a Valet Service at airports

A valet service at your local airport will reduce pedestrian traffic and aide passengers who need the extra care and assistance. For example, the Ontario Airport saw a necessity to add an additional valet after seeing a 10% increase in volume. With this growth, they are expecting more passengers who see value in the benefits of the service.

“We work every day to establish new services and expand existing services that are popular with our airport customers,” Wapner said in a statement in April. “Demand for air travel at Ontario is jumping and, as a result, our customers expect services and amenities that increase the convenience factor of traveling through our airport.” -Alan Wapner, the President of the Ontario International Airport Authority.

The Ontario Airport has seen a rise in traffic over the summer. Additionally, they recently added a JetBlue contract with regular non-stop flights to New York. This is sure to add traffic as this was once the airline’s 6th most popular destination. Ontario, while nowhere near the busiest airport to use as an example, only validates that larger airports could see a greater need for a valet service.

The need for simplicity and convenience are crucial to travelers. With valet equipment available from The Valet Spot, you can offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Contact The Valet Spot at 877-959-6452 and work with us to design your airport business the way it should be.

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