The Most Versatile Podium on the Market – The Custom Deluxe Valet Podium

We are excited to announce a product we’ve been designing over the past year has come to fruition. the brand new Custom Deluxe podium was designed for individuals looking for a truly one of a kind valet podium that matches a specific decor without having the cost of a custom built valet podium.

When we originally presented this idea to our design team they had some serious doubts. It’s not an easy task to create a custom podium to match any decor and keeping the price point down seemed nearly impossible. However, our design team came up with a solution after coming across a company by the name of Wilson Arts.

By offering hundreds of laminate options, adding the ability to brand the podium panels with custom artwork or graphics and making the panels interchangeable so they easily slip in and out (just like a picture into a picture frame) we achieved our goal.

Custom Deluxe Podium with Rediscovered Oak Laminate

This allows customers to achieve any look they might be going for, ranging from a rustic winery to a Hollywood red carpet event or a Las Vegas nightclub that wants to promote various shows. The possibilities are literally almost endless!

Custom Deluxe Podium with Black Acrylic Panels & LEDs

The Custom Deluxe podium is elegant enough to match the decor of any high-end establishment. It is the perfect valet podium for any business that is looking for a podium that stands out because of its craftsmanship.

There is also an optional LED kit on the Custom Deluxe podium which makes the panels glow if you choose colored acrylic or provides ambient backlighting if you choose to go with black acrylic or laminate panels. The LED kit also comes with a remote operated controller which has multiple speed, brightness, and color settings. The included 8 colors options are: cyan, purple, white, orange, yellow, green, blue, and red.

If you are looking for a custom podium without the price of one the Custom Deluxe podium is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Try building your own custom podium using our online builder today to get a better idea of how many options are available.

New Magnetic & Acrylic Signage Options

attracting an audience (2)

The parking management market worth is projected to be $7.43 billion by 2018. With all the competition in this marketplace, it may be hard to stand out to your customers. That is why parking companies are increasingly looking for ways to become more innovative, creative, and diverse. The easy way to do this is by implementing creative, engaging, and changeable signage boards on your podium and placing valet parking signs in key locations.

Historically, signage ROI outperformed all traditional media in cost per exposures. In the University of Cincinnati report on ’ “Economic Value of On-Premise Signs,” numerous studies support the high ROI for signage. A typical comparison shows the cost per 1000 exposures varying from over $1.50 to over $12.00 for traditional media. The cost per 1000 exposures for a sign is closer to 30 cents. Signs easily have the highest ROI when compared to traditional media.

Magnetic Signage

Standard Podium with magnetic signage

Magnetic signage is exactly what it sounds like. Large magnets that are printed with your promotional materials or branding directly onto the magnetic material that applies to the valet podium. This allows you to promote your business, run special offers and keep customers informed of pricing changes without any major modifications to the podium.

Magnetic signage provides valet parking companies with a cost-affordable option to deliver changeable, effective, and creative messages through the use of their promotional materials and is definitely a way to stand out from the crowd.

3D Acrylic Signage

Designer Series Podium with 3D Acrylic Signage
Designer Series Podium with 3D Acrylic Signage

Create custom and upscale greeting stations and valet podiums that leave lasting impressions with 3D acrylic signage. Combine dimensional lettering and logos with acrylic signs to give even more of a 3D appearance.

3D Acrylic signs can be designed with vinyl graphics, laser engraving, or both. The design possibilities are endless. You can truly create custom signage that is a reflection of your brand.

To see more 3D acrylic Designer Series Podiums and greeting stations view our gallery.


Flat Acrylic Signage

Compact Podium with flat acrylic signage

Flat acrylic signs are made of an extremely versatile plastic sheet with a glossy finish, which is also known as Plexiglas®. Acrylic is the perfect choice when you want signs with a sophisticated, high-tech look. Highly durable and available in a variety of colors, acrylic is often used for illuminated, tradeshow and point-of-purchase signs.