What Cleveland teaches us about Airport Valet Parking

A recent article detailed the success of a valet parking operation at the Cleveland airport. We hope that it will inspire more airports to take notice of the benefits of offering a valet parking service. It’s quite clear from what’s happened in Cleveland that a valet service provides tremendous value to an airport.

Increase Revenue

For starters, Cleveland’s example shows that having a valet service can be a great additional source of revenue for airports. Parking over 20,000 cars last year, the operation brought in an additional half million in revenue. That’s now being funneled back into airport operations allowing them to reduce landing fees paid by airlines which ultimately lowers fares for consumers.

Now, who doesn’t like cheaper flights? With 37% annual growth, the operation is set to expand to nearly $700k year and further reduce costs at the airport. This fact alone should have airlines and airports jumping on board.

More Convenient

As airport security has grown tighter in recent years, it’s an increased burden on frequent travelers, particularly business travelers. As business travelers are some of the most lucrative customers for airlines, the airlines would be well advised to encourage measure that make it easier for them to get in and out of the airport.

Amy Phipps, a frequent flyer, called the service a “life-saver.” It’s also saved more than couple of people running late for flights from missing out and having to rebook. That’s more than a few hours that of the airport staffs’ time and a very unhappy customer. As anyone in the valet industry knows, good service is the secret to success.

The valet service at the airport also offers car washes, oil changes, and interior detailing. They’ll even wash your clothes or have flowers ready for you when you come back. That’s the kind of experience you want someone to leave with from any business.

We can only hope that Cleveland’s example will catch on and we’ll see more and more valet services at airports.

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