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The Windmaster Sign was introduced over 40 years ago and has become the industry standard for curb signage. It’s flexible and sturdy construction is supremely functional and, like much other equipment that has slowly evolved to become industry leading, is chosen because it simply works.

Why the Windmaster Sign?

The classic Windmaster sign is made of  an aluminum frame that is light yet sturdy. The aluminum frame’s light weight makes it easy to move to the curb and store at the end of the day. However, it’s strong enough that it stands up to bumps and the occasional toppling over without breaking.

The simplistic, yet ingenious, design that makes the Windmaster sign so effective are the stainless steel springs that support the signage portion on top of the base. The springs keep the Windmaster sign upright and sturdy under normal conditions, but bend in windy conditions. If you’ve ever found yourself sprinting in and out of a rain storm trying to keep a curb sign standing up right, you’ll appreciate this feature more than most.

Rolling Base vs. Stand Base

Click on the Image to See our Windmaster Sign with a Rolling Base

Click on the Image to See our Windmaster Sign with a Rolling Base

The main thing to consider if you’re buying a Windmaster sign is what kind of base you’re looking for. The Windmaster sign comes with both a rolling base variation and the standard base stand. The standard base is relatively light and easy to carry in and out of storage as needed, but if you want the added convenience  of the rolling sign, it’s not that much more expensive.

We’ve also had customers report that the rolling base can be more sturdy since the base is filled with water, making it heavier and broader. If you’ve had problems with the standard base blowing over in the past, then the rolling base is a good alternative.

Key Features to Look For

While all Windmaster signs come the features already mentioned, there are a few additional features that you’ll want to look for.

The first is rust resistance. A rust-resistant coating is essential for protecting the Windmaster Sign from the elements and making sure it lasts so you get your money’s worth out of it.

The second is an easy snap-in frame. If you change out your signage with any frequency for different events or venues, then you’ll want to make sure that you can easily rotate the signage in and out as needed.

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