4 Valet Parking Products your Valet Company Can’t Live Without

There’s no doubt that the success of a valet parking operation is in the quality of it’s employees and management. A well run organization with dedicated and well-trained employees can overcome just about any other problems they run up against.

However, having the right valet parking products makes a big difference in getting the job done efficiently. While the valet parking products that each company needs may vary, there are 4 that we think are essential to your success.

The Valet Podiumvalet podium essential valet parking products

The valet podium is the main valet parking product for most valet parking operations. It creates a presence of authority and professionalism so that customers can feel confident in leaving their vehicle with your valets.

A valet podium should have a securely locking compartment for storing customers’ keys and a professional appearance that conveys the class and competence of your company. It should be durable and built to withstand the elements.

We’re the industry leader in valet podiums are made of industrial strength, 18 gauge, sheet metal so day-to-day use won’t wear them down. They’re coated in a scratch and water resistant textured black finish so they’ll look as good two years from now as the day they were purchased.

Valet Tickets

Trying to manage a valet parking operation without valet tickets would be downright impossible. Valet tickets let you organize and identify the cars you park and keys that are dropped off.3-valet-parking-tickets essential valet parking product

Valet tickets should be numbered and the numbers on the tickets should be matched with numbers on the key hooks in your podium or key box for easy identification.

Valet tickets can come with 3, 4, or 5 sections. Which type you use is based upon personal preference and the logistics of your valet parking operation. Our recent post on valet parking tickets covers the details of choosing which valet parking tickets you want to buy. The most essential factors to consider are paper quality and if you want custom branding.

Cheap valet tickets are sometimes made of thin paper that tears. If you wind up with a podium full of torn tags, it can be a nightmare to figure out which keys go with which car. Invest in quality valet tickets from thicker grade paper that stands up.

If you’re managing the parking for an upscale hotel or restaurant, you may want to consider having the company’s logo or branding printed on the valet ticket. While purely aesthetic, this enhances the customer’s experience and the exclusivity of the venue and can create a truly unique experience.

Our valet tickets are made out of thick grade paper, come in a variety of colors, and can be customized on request.

Valet Signswindmaster-rolling-base-classic-sign

Valet signs can serve a few different roles for your valet parking operation. If the valet stand is not located somewhere obvious to arriving customers, they can help direct people to the valet parking station.

They also allow you to advertise parking rates so that customers are better educated when they drop their cars off and your valet isn’t occupied answering the same question over and over.

If you’re managing the valet parking for a premium brand, they can serve as an initial point of contact that helps direct the customer and offers branding that enhances the experience and makes a meaningful impact on arriving customers.

The Valet Umbrellavalet umbrella essential valet parking product

While not always a necessity, a valet umbrella is a useful addition to any valet parking stand. In the case that you aren’t able to use a podium, an umbrella can help create the presence lacking.

If paired with a podium, it gives the podium even more presence and makes it easy for your customers to identify the valet station.

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