More and More Hospitals to Offer Valet Services

Here is just one of many examples of hospitals beginning to offer their clients valet services. Many hospitals have decided to manage this service along with the rest of the operation.

Reprinted from CBC.CA

Edmonton hospital offers valet parking

The University of Alberta hospital, one of Canada’s leading research and teaching hospitals, has been experimenting with a new visitor service: valet parking for $21 per day. The Edmonton hospital converted an old ambulance garage to hold up to 50 cars for the valet service. It costs drivers a $10 valet fee plus $1.50 for every half hour, or a flat fee of $21, compared with $19 to park all day in the underground garage. The hospital’s valet parking is located in an old ambulance garage.The hospital’s valet parking is located in an old ambulance garage. (CBC) Only a handful of drivers have used the valet service since the pilot project began this spring, however. “We figure it’s going to pick up quite a bit when the snow starts coming,” said Sam Tait, who runs the program. “When it is colder and the underground parkade fills up, that’s when it starts to get busier in here.” As for people who say hospital parking should be free, the health region said that’s not being considered. “If you step back and think about it as a taxpayer, I think most of us would prefer to see people pay for parking rather than take that cost out of the budget that we get to provide health care,” said Steve Buick, spokesman for Capital Health. Capital Health said the valet program will be reviewed in December to see if it pays for itself.

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