An Entertaining and Informative Look at Valet History

In order to promote the launch of the Lexus’s 350 sedan, they’ve commissioned a really cool guide to valet parking on their website Here is a quick rundown of the core topics:

1) The Lingo – For example, “The Benji, the Grand Daddy of Gratuities”

2) The Five Common Parking Personalities
– For example, “The Gadget Geek” featuring GPS montioring systems with Homelink technology.

3) Proper Tipping in Polite Society
– 10 bucks for a decent job.

4) Parking Do’s and Don’ts
– Let me take a guess, don’t joyride.

5) The Inside Scoop on Parking in Major US Cities – Like, everybody is a star in Miami.

6) Getting The Cherry Space Up Front – 20 bucks minimum tip.

I really recommend this guide for a laugh, but it also shows the history and class associated with the profession. Its would be perfect for sharing with your employees at a staff meeting. The 38-page guide, which is available for free download at, also includes results from a nationwide valet parking survey commissioned by the automaker.

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