The Benefits of Hospital Valet Parking

The Benefits of Hospital Valet Parking
We built this custom podium for Hoang Hospital to use as a reception desk for their hospital valet parking service

We built this custom valet podium for Hoag Hospital to use as a reception desk for their hospital valet parking service

Today hospital valet parking is becoming more and more popular. For many hospitals, it is a great way to help visitors, patients and staff by providing them with an additional convenient service. Not only does it provide a safer environment for everyone involved, hospital valet parking prevents bottlenecks near the front entrance and ER.

By helping control traffic flow, hospital valet parking will ensure that vehicles are not backed-up especially during emergencies.
Hospital valet parking can provide a convenient service that offers a wide range of benefits for the hospital and community. Oftentimes when people come to the hospital, they are in a hurry, trying to visit family members and friends, in need of emergency care, or have a scheduled appointment or for other reasons.


Valet Parking (Photo Credit: Flickr)

The last thing a person wants to think about when under stress is where to find a parking spot. Hospital valet parking is intended to alleviate an additional stressor on those who already have plenty to worry about.

Another clear benefit of hospital valet parking is providing assistance for people who are handicapped or disabled. Since there are a lot of people that need help, hospitals can oftentimes become understaffed.  A valet service can assist with transporting patients. At many hospitals, valet attendants are trained in assisting with wheelchairs, oxygen equipment, walkers and other needs a patient might have.


Hospital Valet Parking Staff (Photo Credit: Flickr)

 Hospital valet services are also generally experienced and trained in facilitating optimal customer experiences. They will open and close the doors, guide you to the right department, give directions on where you need to go and with luggage. As well, a highly qualified hospital valet parking service will be of great assistance if you have any physical limitations.

Yet another advantage of hospital valet parking is that services can often be contracted out. Generally, a hospital valet parking service does not require additional funding from the hospital. Funds are often collected from the service itself so additional costs isn’t added onto the hospital.

 Because hospitals maintain the highest of standards for health and safety, patients can rest assured that they are under the best of care. Hospital valet parking staff are highly trained and go through rigorous screening. And of course, vehicles will be transported to a secure location.


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