Essential Parking Garage Equipment

When it comes to selecting parking garage equipment for valet parking, it pays to be selective. You need equipment that is durable, functional, and reflects the quality of your service

Parking Garage Equipment

Signs and Sign Holderswindmaster-rolling-base-classic-sign-parking-garage-equipment

Signs and sign holders are some of the most important parking garage equipment to invest in. In order to bring in customers and communicate essential information like pricing, people need to see your podium signage. Valet signs should always be easy to read from far away. They also need to be placed in a strategic location where they’re easily visible

Valet signs can have a variety of uses. They can direct your customers to your valet parking station. This comes in handy when your valet stand is not in a good location for people to see.

Valet signs can also be used for advertising your services or displaying important information like parking rates and hours of operation.

Valet Podiums

Easily Transport the Compact Valet PodiumA valet podium is the essential piece of parking garage equipment for valet operators. It helps you create a presence of professionalism and inspire trust so that customs feel confident in leaving their vehicle in your care.

Valet podiums should always have a securely locked compartment for storing keys. It should be sturdy and able to withstand the elements.

What type of podium you need will depend on your operation. We’ve found that our Standard Podium is the most popular choice for the majority of our customers. It provides all the functionality you need at the most competitive price on the market.

For valet operations that don’t have much room to store or use their podium and parking garage equipment or who need to transport it to offsite events, the Compact Podium first in your car and provides the same functionality as the Standard Podium in a much smaller package.

Larger operations often like the deluxe podium for it’s width and the strong presence that it helps establish.

Key Boxes & Boards

For many parking garages though, a podium is an unnecessary piece of parking garage equipment. However, you’re likely still keeping up with plenty of keys. Key boxes and boards provide the ideal solution for organizing all keys. You can find a variety of key boxes and boards to fit your needs in our store. Whether you need something that’s wall mounted or comes with a rolling stand, we have options available.

Parking Cones

Cones can help you efficiently manage traffic. Cones are generally a very affordable piece of parking garage equipment and come in a few different styles.

Valet Umbrellas

Valet umbrellas are an extra that can help you stand out to your customers. Beyond protecting staff from the elements like rain and sun, they offer a way to enhance your presence and attract attention.
When you are not able to use a podium, an umbrella can create a presence that would otherwise be lacking. If you do have a podium, an umbrella can offer protection while enhancing your station’s presence.

Valet Tickets

Valet tickets are, of course, a necessity for all valet operations. Valet tickets can be purchased in 3 part, 4 part, and 5 part options depending on your preference.

Your valet tickets should include an assortment of colors, be durable and withstand all types of weather, be numbered and include a liability statement and damage graphic on the ticket. You can also add a custom logo or business name for additional enhancement of your company.

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