Stock up on Essential Valet Supplies

Outdoor dining is expanding across the country due to COVID-19 health concerns. Many restaurant patrons are also driving rather than using ride-share services to maintain social distancing. For similar reasons, some in the parking industry have seen 75% to 92% drive rates and valet use in hotels from Los Angeles, CA to Naples, Fl.

 If you own a valet company this may mean you’re finally getting back to business. Or, business is beginning to boom. Either way you’ll want to be stocked with valet supplies that will keep your parking business running smoothly and safely.

 6 COVID-19 Valet Essentials


Valet supplies - signage


Delineators and stickers take the guesswork out of physical distancing for customers waiting in line to retrieve their car keys. They encourage staff and customers to maintain 6 feet of separation while reassuring them that others are doing the same. They are also key valet supplies for safely controlling traffic flow.

 Valet Podiums

Podiums are the centerpiece of any valet business. So, you’ll need something stylish that can be easily updated with the right signage as protocols change. If you attend to customers outdoors, you’ll also want a kiosk that withstands weather—rain, sun or wind. The Valet Spot’s Deluxe Podium is perfect for valet businesses that require extra space as more customers drive their own cars to maintain social distancing. It provides ample workspace and room for up to 200 keys. A scratch-resistant textured finish gives it an upscale look. Steel construction makes this stand durable and weather-resistant. Keys can be deposited quickly and securely into a key-drop hole on the side. The Deluxe Podium also features a tip box, a built-in umbrella holder, and a locking security bar.

 Sneeze Guards

You’ll also want to outfit your valet stand with sneeze guards. These acrylic countertop shields offer protection from harmful airborne germs when physical distancing isn’t available. Sneeze guards are especially important as businesses begin to reopen after COVID-19 closures.

Valet Ticketing Systems

Pre-printed, numbered claim tickets are an easy, inexpensive way to ensure customers and their car keys have an easy-to-identify number making vehicle retrieval simple. You can print practically anything you want on The Valet Spot tickets. We also offer single and multi-section designs that usually have perforated tear-off sections. Common messaging added to ticket designs include advertising, vehicle damage diagrams, and legal disclaimers.

 Single-use protective covers

Valet Supplies - Steering Wheel Cover

Protective covers make frequently touched surfaces easier to clean. Valet supplies like steering wheel, gear shift, and car seat covers add a disposable layer of protection on occasions where the use of cleaning products is not feasible. These disposable covers will help keep employees and customers safe and give everyone peace of mind.

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