Valet Parking Tickets for Sale!

valet parking tickets for sale

Our 5 Part Valet Parking Ticket

We’ve had valet parking tickets for sale for quite sometime, but never took the chance to explain our options to anyone that might just be getting in to the valet industry.

If you’re already know what you want, then you can buy our valet parking tickets here. If you’d like some more information, we’ll do our best to explain your options and what to consider before buying valet parking tickets.

Valet Parking tickets are an essential ingredient to running an effective valet service. The tickets go hand in hand with your valet podium. For the time being, there is no other way to effectively manage and keep track of cars, keys, and customers. So, it’s essential that you have a well-defined and efficient system for using valet parking tickets.

5 part, 4 part, and 3 part Valet Parking Tickets for Sale

The most important piece of putting that system together is choosing which type of valet parking tickets you want to use. We offer valet parking tickets for sale in 3 different varieties: 3 part, 4 part, 5 part tickets.

A 3 part valet parking ticket breaks into sections for (1) the customer claim to be presented to the valet when the customer returns, (2) the key chain tag to identify the proper key, and (3) for identification on the dashboard of the customer’s vehicle.

The 4 part ticket includes an additional section that serves as a customer receipt.

The 5 part ticket has a further section that can be attached to the rearview mirror of the vehicle so there’s an easier

Our 4 part valet parking ticket

Our 4 part valet parking ticket

way to identify the vehicle.

Which option you choose depends on personal preference.

Stock vs. Custom Valet Parking Tickets

Our valet parking tickets for sale can be ordered either in stock formatting or customized to include company names and logos. For companies or venues that are offering a premium service where brand image and positioning is important such as luxury hotels or restaurants, using custom branding can be an effective way to enhance your brand in the mind of your customers.

On the other hand, if you’re working out of a parking garage or at standard event, it’s probably not worth paying more for custom valet parking tickets.

Paper Thickness and Durability

If your valet parking tickets are ripping up left and right, they aren’t doing you a whole lot of good. If the tickets are made out of flimsy paper then they rip more easily and you’re more likely to end up with keys that aren’t properly identified.

This causes your employees to waste time trying to sort out unnecessary problems instead of serving customers. It can also inconvenience customers if they’re forced to wait around while the valet parking attendants hunt for the proper vehicle. That’s not the impression you want someone to end their night with.

All of our valet parking tickets are made of thick, durable grade paper that won’t tear.

Alternating Valet Parking Ticket Colors

Our 3 Part Valet Parking Ticket

Our 3 Part Valet Parking Ticket

A big problem with valet parking tickets is that if a ticket is reused then there’s no way to account for the revenue. While it may be important to build trust and report with your employees, eliminating temptation is often the best way to go about that.

If you alternate colors it’s easier to make sure the customer is the right customer and the valet is accounting for the revenue. You can choose two different colors and alternate them daily or a variety of colors and use a different one for each day of the week.

Ticket Numbering

It’s essential that your valet tickets are numbered. Tickets are numbered and used in order so it’s easy to account for any mishaps right away.

If there is a big rush of customers and all the valet parking attendants are busy, it’s easy to do a check afterwards and see if a number in the sequence is missing. This means the problem can be immediately addressed and resolved instead of facing an embarrassing situation when the customer comes to get their vehicle only to discover the key or vehicle has been misplaced.

Tickets should in the order of the key hooks so that’s where they’re hung. Valet Parking Tickets should be ordered so that they easily correspond with the number of key hooks. For most key boxes and valet podiums, that’s 100 key hooks.


It’s also a good idea that you use valet parking tickets including a liability statement and damage graphic on the ticket. The damage graphic will allow your valet to mark any pre-existing damage on the car so that there’s no potential for fraudulent claims to be filed against your company. Likewise the liability statement serves as extra protection against potential fraud.

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