Valet Parking Companies in California and Arizona

Thanks to the folks at American Valet for signing up to our free directory of qualified valet companies.

Here is their contact information for services in California and Arizona metro areas:

California, Arizona
Metro areas served: All.

Since 1980, American Valet has been the premier parking service company in the
Southwest Region.  American Valet has a database of over 600 employees and was
voted “Best Place to Work” in the large companies category by The Business Journal
in 2004.  Our services include valet parking, shuttle services, garage management,
and self-parking services.  We service every industry including special and private
events, retail, healthcare, garage management, restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos,
and corporate environments.  Because our number one priority is service to our
customers, we make your guests feel like VIPs.  Call for a quote today!

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