Valet Key Box Line at The Valet Spot

If you are looking to learn about or purchase valet key boxes, you’ve come to the right place. The is the premier designer and manufacturer of premium key boxes for valet parking professionals. Here is a brief overview of our line:

The 100 Key Valet Key Box – The 100 Key Box is meant as a substitute for those locations for which you can’t quite fit or store a full sized valet podium.

That doesn’t mean it’s small. The photos can make it look a little smaller than it actually is.

The dimensions are: 29.5″ L x 5″ W x 23.25″H and it weights 48 lbs.

It’s actually quite large, and will still have a significant presence at your location. It can be mounted to a wall to our heavy-duty weighted modular key stand. The key stand can hold two 100 Key Valet Boxes (or just 1 if you prefer).

Here a photo of the modular key stand in action. This photo shows how it works when outfitted with 2 100 Valet Key Boxes.


You make sure your staff has a classy and professional appearance, why not your key boxes? Our first priority in design and manufacturing is functionality and durability, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to inject a little style. I fell like we’ve done that with this new generation of key boxes. We not only want to make your locations work well, we want to make them look good. Here are some close up shots:



If the 100 Key Box is too big for your location, or you desire more mobility for a short term event or smaller party, you should should take a look at our portable 40 Key Valet Box.


Not only is this key box a much more manageable size, 27.25″ L x 4.5″ W x 17.35″ H but it only weights 31 lbs.. We’ve outfitted it with a carrying handle so you can easily move it around your location.

All of our valet key boxes share the following features:

TEXTURED OUTDOOR COATING – For long term outdoor durability.

ZINC METAL TREATMENT– To prevent rusting even even after years of use. Ensure your investment is protected by buying only the best quality items.

PAINTED ON KEY #’s – We only use painted on numbers that will last for years.

OFFSET KEY HOOKS – To ensure the keys are easily removed and don’t bump into each other.

NO PIANO HINGES – Hinges can sag and bend so we don’t use them in any of our designs. These boxes are meant to LAST.

A VALET SPOT LOGO – An indicated to your clients that your company uses the best in valet parking key boxes.

SPECIAL KEY HOOK DESIGN SO KEYS DON’T FALL OFF WHEN YOU SLAM THE DOOR – We’ve parked our share of cars, and we’ve done our best to design any annoyance out of our products.

You can check out more product details at our main website,

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