Summertime Updates – Product Engineering and Prototype Review

Summertime in San Diego

I hope everyone is getting a great start to the summer. Here in Southern California we are working hard putting the final engineering touches on our new and expanded line of valet products. We are really aiming to raise the bar on these products, and that’s why there has been some delay in launching them on our website. For us this process includes many prototype reviews (both with hard prototypes and with virtual models in the computer) design updates, and re-tests. Our goal is to make our products, lighter, stronger, and last longer. We’ve been experimenting with alternative metal treatment and coating options, and we think you are going to be delighted with the results. We’ve also been working to add a lot of unique features that we’ve been brainstorming with our customers– thanks for all your feedback! We are truly excited to launch these new products. If you’d like to get on the early bird special list for our new upscale deluxe podium, please send us an email to

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