Standard Valet Podium Review- Colby from Firefly, Las Vegas

What happens when you knock our Standard Valet Podium over?

Well that’s what happened on the first day for Colby over at FireFly, a Tapas Kitchen & Bar in Las Vegas.

Fortunately, our valet podiums are rock solid and built to last. Especially with the reinforced drawers and handles we implemented last year.

When Colby picked up the podium it was unscathed and they’ve continued using it every day to valet park cars at their establishment. In the video below, Colby was nice enough to give us a video review of the Standard Valet Podium.

See Colby’s review here:

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Transcript for the video review:

Colby: Hey, what’s up, this is Colby over at Firefly. I wanted to give out a shout out to these guys (the Valet Spot) and their podium. It’s been an awesome podium for us. My first day actually having it, we tipped it over, it fell over on the front and banged the handles, but everything still works. It’s super solid. We’ve put it to use pretty hard. Like I said, it was laid over on the front side but everything works awesome. We’re really happy and it fits what we need it for. Thanks guys!

Thanks for the review Colby. It was great to meet you in person in Las Vegas. 

Standard Valet Podium

Our Standard Podium is one of our most popular selling podiums. If you are just starting out with your valet operation and need an economical, reliable podium, this is the one for you.

Standard Valet Podiums Features


The Standard Podium is the best priced starter podium on the market and is sure to get the job done. It is made from 18-gauge sheet metal with scratch-resistant textured black finish that is super durable (see Colby’s video above).

Inside the podium, we have staggered metal key hooks with large white numbers that make it easy for your valets to organize and access car keys. The podium holds 50-200 key hooks depending on what you need.

new handle 2The podium drawers are reinforced with an additional plate and expert welding for a strong hold. Last year, we decided to make the handles even thicker for durability and switched to stainless steel to resist corrosion.

It also includes two slam-action locks (keys included) that keep the inside contents of the podium safe and secure, yet still easily accessible for your valets.

The podium rolls on four heavy-duty locking casters to easily transport the podium in and out of your establishment.

For more information on the Standard Valet Podium, be sure to visit the product page or send an email to

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