Parking Today: Four Tips To Building a Championship Team

The following excerpt is from our feature article in Parking Today. The full version can be viewed on the Parking Today digital edition.

“Think of your company as your favorite sports franchise. You expect your team to take recruitment very seriously right? After all, the quality of the recruits your team drafts creates the foundation from which championship franchises are built off of. Does your company take its talent search this seriously?

This was the way Bart Bement, CEO of, framed it up to me in a recent conversation about hiring for valet companies.

“Every day your HR department has an opportunity to improve the company” says Bart.

And he should know, he built a company that staffed almost 2,000 people daily before founding where he now focuses solely on helping large companies recruit and keep front line talent.

People are the foundation and lifeblood of any successful business, especially in the service industry. It’s a cliché because it’s true. Below are four tips from a recent conversation I had with Bart that will help you build a strong foundation.” – Parking Today, May issue of 2014

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We were featured in Parking Today!

Recently, we had the opportunity to write a feature for Parking Today Magazine. In this article, we have discussed  building an effective team for valet parking companies. We pulled information from our podcast interview with Bart Bement, CEO of, on how to make your company great, and how to keep it great.


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Behind a successful business is a great team.

With the growing competition between valet parking businesses, among the best ways to keep surviving is the uniqueness of your company, and a vital factor to achieve this is starting with the right people, and knowing each of these people that you put in your team. And to me, it doesn’t stop from there. Knowing each of the team members by heart is part of an effective team building for the successful growth of your company and any company there is. Get to know how each one could effectively contribute for the best of the company by understanding their differences, what motivates them and how to continuously encourage them to excel in their expertise.

The job ad that you create should give applicants a vision on how it is to work in your company, and by making an effort in doing this, you also make an effort in finding the best and most interested people that are a good fit to work for your company. When you notice applicants are already coming and you were able to spot people with high potential to be part of the team, then it only means you did a great job in reaching out to the right people for your company – but don’t keep them waiting. All the efforts are worth it, and so are referrals. The last thing that Bart Bement has pointed out is how effective referrals are. Starting a referral program is also like a first move to make your company a wonderful place to work at. You should be the kind of company that they say you are.

Having been featured in Parking Today magazine is such an honor, and was a great way to reach out to our beloved readers and customers. Parking Today magazine has always been very reliable to parking operators, owners, consultants and any other businesses relevant to valet parking. Parking Today never fails to keep us updated with the latest trends in the parking industry, including news, events, and products, and as the leading supplier of innovative parking equipment, we will never get tired of delivering the highest quality valet parking equipment and services.



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