Our Deluxe Valet Podium with Security Features – Product Overview

We developed our new Deluxe Security Valet Podium directly from your feedback. We really love interacting with our customers on design requests, so thanks for all of you who took the time to discuss our products with us. If you are currently using our products and have some design feedback for us, please feel encouraged to drop us a line.

Ok… onto the podium. There are two main purposes we are offering this upscale podium:

First, we wanted to provide our clients with extra features, most notable, a durable textured powder coating. This coating isn’t currently pictured on the podiums on our website (we’ll have that update in a few weeks), in the meantime you can get a look at this premium coating here. This special coating– along with a zinc coating that we’ve now made a standard feature for all of our products— allows for a longer lifetime of having a really good looking podium in the field. If you combine this new coating with our weather proof valet podium cover you can count on your locations looking great for years.

Second, we wanted to make a podium that addressed heighed security concerns that many of our clients have– especially those that utilize computers at their locations. To this end we’ve added a lot of cool features.

1) Steel anchor point – This podium can be tethered securely at any location.
2) Steel security bar – At the end of the shift, this security bar can be used to ensure nobody can access the drawer and door to your podium. *Note: the bolts here are non essential for security.
3) Wire routing holes – So you can use all that technology, we’ve equipped this podium with holes so you can route your cables.

If you got some questions about these features, feel free to give us a ring or contact us via email here.

I’ve posted some photos here at the blog, if you want to read more about this product you can check out the product page here.

*Note: This photo does not reflect the textured outdoor coating. You’ll have to follow this link to get a look at it.

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