How Parking Signs Help Valet Parking Operation’s Run Smoothly

Rolls Royce parked at Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida. Photo taken at 14th of November 2009

Parking Signs Help Every Business.

First impressions are everything, the customer experience a business creates for itself begins on the very first interaction. Usually that’s when they are researching your business or product online. However, often times the first interaction a customer has with your business is in the parking lot, that’s why parking signs are key.

Keeping your parking lot free of traffic and moving in the right direction is extremely important for any business. Whether your parking area could use valet parking signs or directional parking signs the use of parking signs will decrease customer frustration and increase revenue.

Having parking signs in the parking lot of your business help’s visitors avoid parking frustrations so they are not the first thing your customers experience. The proper signs will decrease traffic, increase parking revenue and make your valet parking operation run like a well oiled machine.

Valet Parking Signs

Valet parking signs immediately inform your visitors valet parking is an option. When customers enter your business’ parking lot, they have just had there first interaction with your business. Once they’re in your parking lot, it’s up to you to create a positive valet parking experience by having visible valet parking signs and fast, friendly valet service.

Valet parking signs will also assist your employees by directing vehicles to the drop off points that are designated at the lobby or entrance of your establishment.

●Stop Here for Valet (with stop sign)



Directional Parking Signs

Directional parking signs, with valet parking messages and arrows that lead to your parking lot, are essential signs that literally drive people to your door. These parking signs are also useful if valet parking is available at your facility.

Business parking lots can become busy. The best way to keep traffic moving in the right direction is by displaying directional parking signs. Directional signs keep the traffic in parking lots flowing smoothly and cut down driver frustration for those who are new to visiting your business.

These types of signs will let your visitors know exactly which way they need to drive. Directional parking signs include:

●Valet Parking (with arrow)

●Pull Forward (with arrow)

●Valet Parking & Self Parking (with arrow)


Custom Parking Signs

Add custom signage

Add custom signage

Entrance and Exit Signs 

Similar to the use of parking ahead signs, entrance and exit signs help to control the flow of traffic in your parking lot. By giving drivers clear direction, you can avoid mini traffic jams caused by cars going the wrong way or preforming U-turns.

Speed Limit Signs

Speed limit signs aren’t only for the street. Drivers looking for open parking spots or moving through private drives can easily lose track of their speed and become dangers to other people and property.

Posting speed limit signs, along with installing speed control devices like speed bumps, help to remind drivers that they are no longer on the open road, and that slower speeds should be observed.

Stop Signs

In addition to other traffic control measures, stop signs can prevent unsafe driving practices in your lot. Drivers will be less inclined to speed if they see an upcoming stop sign, and if used near loading zones, they can give delivery trucks an opportunity to enter and exit the loading dock.

Stop signs can also be posted at the exit of your lot. This reminds drivers to check the traffic around them, and to look for any nearby pedestrians that do not see vehicles leaving your parking lot.


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