Custom Parking Meter Designs

If there is one thing that we are advocates of here at the Valet Spot, it is high quality designs and high quality products, especially as it pertains to the parking equipment industry.  We have been revolutionizing the valet podium industry for years, and are continuing to expand our horizons in to other complimentary markets.

One of the things we have noticed recently is that the quality and designs of parking meters and “pay-on-foot” parking ticket dispensers really leave a lot to be desired.  As we are looking at niches to evolve into we are consistently designing and creating ideas that will allow us to bring some of these products to market at some point in the future.

We wanted to use this opportunity to display some of our pay by foot cover ideas that we think could not only improve the quality of what is currently available, but also improve the durabiltiy as well.

Let us know what you think! Or take a look at some of our valet podiums. Give us a call at 877.977.8733 with any parking equipment needs or questions!

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