Brand New Valet Parking Supplies

Our 4th generation premium quality valet podiums are now in stock! We’ve put up a new website complete with videos to communicate the features and quality of these new products. You can check it out at:
Our 4th Generation Podiums Feature Tons of Upgrades
Welded Frame – Our central frame is welded for extra durability. 1 Year Warranty – All of our podiums are covered with a 1 year warranty. Zinc Steel Treatment Keeps your podium rust-free. Reinforced Caster Mounts -Our caster mounts are reinforced and our wheels bolt on, so if they ever need replaced, just give us a ring and we’ll send them your way. In Stock and Ready to Ship – All of our products are in stock and ready to serve your locations. Click this link to read more about our 4th generation podiums and watch a videoabout its features. If you have questions about this, or our other products, please give us a ring at 1.877.977.8733.
This summer we will be selling three new styles of podium, including stainless steel, 4′ wide, and a permanent podium. We’ll get in touch when those new products launch. If you’d like more information any of our products, feel free to contact us directly at 1.877.977.8733.

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