Valet Podium Reviews and Online FAQ Section

Sites like Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Amazon have done an amazing job of curating real customer reviews and peer-to-peer communication.

We’ve seen the benefits of this transparency and want to extend the same courtesy to our customers.

We’ve added a social reviews system that will drive verified reviews from our customers as well as create a Frequently Asked Question section on each product page of the Valet Spot.

The review or question will be published directly to our website creating an online education resource for our customers. This feedback will help us build a better, bigger community of valet industry professionals.


How Does It Work?

There are two ways customers can submit reviews:

  1. After-Purchase Emails
  2. Anonymously Online

After-Purchase Emails

After you make a purchase from the Valet Spot online store, you will receive an email that will allow you to review and rate your purchase.

yotpo review 2

After-Purchase Email

When you respond via email, the review system will know that you actually made a purchase and your review will show up as a “verified buyer.” See the example below:

Compact podium review

Verified Buyer. Thanks Nicholas!

As you can see above, anyone cane share and vote on whether or not the review was helpful. This engagement will help us build the community and gather important feedback from our customers.

If you made a purchase in 2014, you will be receiving an email shortly that will verify you as an actual customer and you will be able to review the exact product you purchased.

Post a Review or Ask a Question Online

Anyone can go on our website and post a review or ask a question. We will be moderating these to deliver reliable, relevant, and helpful responses. Leaving a review or question is easy and takes less than 30 seconds. Each product page on our website will have it’s own review section as well as Q+A section so you can read what people think of that specific product.

reviews and questions

Post a Review or Ask a Question!

We Value Your Feedback

We’ve also taken the feedback from our customers very seriously in improving our line of valet podiums and other valet equipment. The valet podium reviews we’ve already started to receive are a testament to that dedication and this new system of gathering even more feedback will be crucial in the future development of our products.

Want to leave a review or question? Go to any one of our product pages and let us know!

We recommend placing orders early in anticipation of longer lead times. Dismiss