Manage Offsite Events with a Portable Podium

Portable Valet Podiums

portable podiumDo you frequently do offsite events like weddings or private parties? For valet companies and services that manage offsite events, it’s always a challenge to know what equipment to bring and how to set it up at offsite events.

If you want to bring your typical valet podium then you’ll have to bring a truck or SUV in order to move it. If you just bring key hooks, you’re compromising security and leaving all the keys unsecured. That’s a potentially disastrous situation that could lead to a car being stolen and the associated liabilities.

In the past have, bringing a key box that locks and is secure has been a good option, but it lacks presence created by a professional valet podium and doesn’t offer any storage.

Change the Way You Do Offsite Events with a Portable Podium

As a valet company, a important part of your role is to control traffic and vehicle movement. Having a full valet podium that can use an umbrella creates a presence and offers protection from the elements to the valet attendants. Unlike a key box, when people drive up to a portable podium, it’s clearly recognizable as a valet podium. They know that it’s where they should leave their car even if all the staff is out parking cars.

Because it’s 100% secure, you don’t have to always keeps someone at the podium to watch over the keys. The keys are all securely locked away so all your staff can be out taking care of your customers.

The portable podium is the world’s first fully functional valet podium that can be easily transported in a compact vehicle. When folded down, it’s only 4″ wide, making it easily transportable in any type of vehicle.

Previously you could only move valet podiums to offsite locations in trucks or SUVs. If you only had compact car, you were limited to key hooks or a key box. The portable podium allows you to easily transport all the equipment you need in a single compact car.

Because it fold down to only 4″, you have the option to bring multiple podiums to an event. If you manage mid-size or large events that require multiple podiums at different points in the venue, you don’t need a big truck or SUV to carry all your equipment anymore. In a single compact car, you can load a podium, signage, parking cones and any additional equipment you may need to manage an event as large as AAA baseball game that could require 3 or 4 valet stations.

The portable podium is also an option for venues that have extremely limited storage options. If you’re working a venue that doesn’t have sufficient storage space for a full valet podium when it’s not in use, you can easily fold up the portable podium and store it in a small closet or storage room.

The portable podium is an easily transportable podium that creates you the presence and professionalism associated you want associated with your company. It locks securely so you don’t have to worry about the security issues associated with leaving keys unsecured and offers storage space for additional equipment or personal belongings when set-up.

If offsite events are a significant part of your business, check it out!

What our Customers Are Saying about the Portable Podium

The portable valet box is a big hit with our attendants   Looking forward to ordering more.

-Mark  (Las Vegas Parking)

Portable Podium with Signage

Portable Podium with Signage

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